A Bit More About Me...and Jeremiah, I Guess.

Michigan Emily meets a guy (+). Guy lives in California (-). He's from Michigan, though (+). She gets a job in Arizona (+), much closer to CA (+) and it's sunnier than MI (+). He decides he can't live without her (+) I mean, duh, she's quite spectacular. He moves to AZ (+).

The pros outweigh any cons, Friends. Jeremiah and I are doing well here in AZ. Everything isn't always perfect and while I love unicorns and rainbows (especially unicorns) this blog reflects our lives and the crap we do. Rarely is there a unicorn and rainbows in Phoenix are just as rare. House stuff (I do the pretty stuff and he does the stuff that makes your butt sweat), travel, conversations, pets, whatever. It's here.

Except a pony. That is not here. I am working on it almost daily.

Thanks for visiting the blog!

Bay Bridge, CA

Freezing some tush off in CA.

First of all, Subaru commercial, no? Kayaking in MI.
Skating on Olympic ice. Tahoe, CA.


Posing for the camera. Maybe a BIT tired of having my picture taken.

Stop. I insist. No.MORE.Pictures.

Hike with Spike. Sedona, AZ.

Probably planning some sneaky shiznit.
***I just feel as though I need to justify the abundance of pictures where I am capped, hooded, or otherwise covered (and there are four pictures in this selection where I took my hat off before I was photographed. In reality, those should be probably be counted, too). I actually do brush and style my hair, contrary to what one might believe after viewing these photographs. Apparently I am one of the few adults that gets regular ear infections. I have "delicate health" as my doctors like to call it. So when the weather drops below about sixty degrees, I need a hat. Or when it's windy. Then, too. I look like an idiot when we go out for walks or whatever in Phoenix. Wearing a winter hat with capris and a short sleeve shirt.



Méthodique Boisson said...

I can sympathize about the hats, I have a scarf fetish. And by fetish I mean that if it is below about 65/70 degrees, or if it is a little windy, and I do not have a scarf on I feel like I am freezing my giblets off. I live in the South (don't ask me how--I never saw this shit coming), and it gets really embarassing in the summer when it is about 100 degrees outside but subarctic in any public building due to a cultural obsession with extreme air conditioning. I find myself carrying a scarf with me to wear indoors...and answering the question "How can you be cold?" about a million times. And that is a question I find bizarre--as if my internal temperature regulation is somehow a matter of personal choice and I have chosen to inconvenience myself by feeling the need to carry a scarf so I don't feel like I'm about to go hypothermic. But people are jackasses. I usually just reply with a random word (such as "potato") or else make up some nonsense story about how my suprachiasmic nucleus has a lesion. No one knows how to respond to either, so then we all get to feel awkward. And if they are going to ask me dumb-ass questions, I think that's fair.

Emily said...

I attended a conference in Texas during the summer - it was so humid that my skin maintained a layer of dew. Yet, inside the conference hall it was arctic-like weather. People were longingly looking at my sweater. Touching it wistfully. I probably could have auctioned it off. So I totally get you with the scarf thing.