Days of Spike

Last Saturday we were all playing in the pool. I noticed that Spike's backside looked a little odd. I laughed about it, not really taking it serious. After all, this dog of ours is indestructible. He's practically a super species.

Regardless, I called the vet and Jeremiah took him in the next day.

Tuesday we got test results back.


Friday we had a follow-up. X-rays to see if it had spread to lungs or lymph nodes.

Has not spread to lungs, but the lymph nodes have been effected.

At this point, surgery to remove the tumor is basically pointless. Recovery time is extensive. With surgery, we'd have maybe a year. And that's if there are no complications and no infection.

Without, we have maybe four months.

Four months. For Super Spike. My heart breaks.

You would never guess he was sick. He's so happy and bouncy. And loud. His barker has not been touched.

We have opted to celebrate all of these days that we have with Spike, however many that may be. A trip to Cost-co and Petsmart had us dropping over a hundred on anything that squeaks and every treat we could find.

We will celebrate with him, and when he can't celebrate anymore, we will celebrate for him.

We are using #daysofspike on instagram and facebook if you'd like to find us. If not, please just send happy and positive thoughts our way.


That Awkward Moment

When you realize that you haven't updated your blog in about a year...

So I'm going to offer up a fact filled Sunday. And by fact filled I mean six facts. Because I'm slowly getting back into this. Slow.

  1. I quit my job. In March. I lasted as long as I did because I had nice supervisors. I was not, however, passionate about what I did, and if I'm not passionate, I really just do the minimum (which is horrible to admit, but the truth). So I quit. I worked with some really great people. There's only one person that if I could go back in time I would punch in the throat. That's because she commented on my relationship with Jeremiah and rolled her eyes at my team member. That deserves a punch, yo. Actually, two punches. 
  2. These two people:

Are attempting to make this happen:
Ah, yes. The ring. I'm going to be honest and say that I'm more excited about the ring and the travels than I am about anything else. In my eyes, Boyfriend and I are already married. We aren't having a wedding, because I care more about traveling and enjoying myself than I do about other people being satisfied with my wedding day. 

 3.  Our house has become vegan/lacto-vegetarian. For two completely different reasons, but similar end results. No meat. 

4. I'm teaching again. A different school, so I'm giving it a whirl. I've got a different attitude this time. I'm hoping it lasts. I will not let this job swallow me whole. 

5. We're nearly through with a bathroom remodel. Random delays and setbacks have been a beast, but I'm quite happy with the way things are coming along. 

6. Jeremiah has jury duty. He's happy because they pay his mileage, his company still pays him, and he gets reimbursed for lunch. He's very much a glass is half full type of guy. We really are polar opposites. 

Lovesies you all.