Several months ago (last school year) I was looking at a favorite blog and clicked on something. Then clicked on something. And again. And again. And I ended up here:

The Uniform Project

And I loved it. Like, really loved it. The idea that someone could transform ONE dress and wear it for 365 days? Fabulous. Right up my repurposing alley. I can completely get behind this and love the idea of making something new and different everyday. So I am now addicted and check in daily. I want to be the Uniform Project Girl.

They finished the year and now have girls signing up to do one month, one dress (with this month's girl (or her attitude, really) being not so fabulous).

Anyway, check it out if you'd like. Maybe it will inspire you.


Why I Shouldn't Have Neighbors

This morning at about 5:15 I could hear someone using a chain saw. I could hear it over the noise of my exercising and the noise of my music. The dogs and I were deeply disturbed.

When I was finished, I see that my neighbor has hired landscapers to remove the one tree (Michiganders, you would call it a shrub, it was very small) in their front yard. I feel as though this is not okay. Chainsaws at 5? No.

In addition, the idiots parked their humongous truck (Hello? Overcompensating?) and trailer in FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY. I was completely locked in. Plus, all of their gadgets and debris and garbage cans? Oh, yeah, they just put them in my driveway. Why the hell didn't they park in front of my neighbor's driveway?

So I went outside in my exercise clothes and slippers and stared at them. One of the guys looked up and said, "Oh, sorry." and started laughing.

That asshole laughed. At me. Until I got out my phone and took a picture of all his stuff in my driveway and his truck locking me in. And then watching me as I called the non-emergency police line. Then he moved his truck. And his crap.

By the way, apparently landscapers can make all the noise they want as early as 5. What.The.Hell? This is due to the fact that it gets so hot. Because it would be too hot at six? Seriously, it is triple digit temps. The difference in temp between five and six in the morning is like, one degree.

So I'm going to tell my neighbor that I just LOVE the work they did, get their number, and complain.

Don't park in front of my driveway. Don't put crap in my driveway. And don't piss me off at five in the morning.

And this is why I shouldn't have neighbors.


Kohler Me Happy.

Please look at my sink/faucet. Our sink/faucet.
Stop. Laughing. Now. I hate that faucet! Nothing fits in there to be filled or washed because it is so low. Plus, the filter is on the side and I constantly bang it into things when I'm washing dishes (that don't fit) or filling something. Stupid. Ugly. Faucet.

Stay with me. This gets good, I promise.

We go to Lowe's. As I walk with boyfriend into the paint department, I hear a familiar voice speaking to us, welcoming us. It was my dear friend, paint department Dario. I hadn't seen paint department Dario since the fateful day months ago when I asked for a paint swatch book. He informed me that those were NOT for customers. That made me sad, because I'm special and I buy all my paint from paint department Dario at Lowe's. I hid my sadness (because Dario need not see me that way) and told him I would be back for my paint. When I came back, it was super busy and Dario motioned for me to pick up my paint at a different section of the counter. Intrigued, I went over to him where he gave me TWO, not one, TWO paint swatch books! Holy shiznit!

So anyway, I haven't seen him in months. I think I even clapped (I am not eight but I do teach eight year olds) my hands together. I told him about all the horrible other paint people and how happy I was that he was back.

Jeremiah thinks I scared him, but I don't think so. I think most people like to know that their work is appreciated and that they are missed. Plus, I have OCD and that part of me doesn't care if Dario is scared. I need my structure, yo.

So after that joyful reunion of painter and paint maker, boyfriend and I headed towards the baseboard section of the store.

We passed a beautiful faucet on a cart at the end of an aisle. Intrigued AGAIN, I stopped. Check the price:
Usually that yellow sticker means that it is clearance, except both of these prices are the same. So I called to the man at the work desk nearby. No answer. I went over and stood next to him. Didn't look at me. Jeremiah motioned with his eyes to the button that said, "Need Help?" right next to the guy. I pressed the button. The guy looks up. I ask my clearance faucet question. He doesn't know the answer. Suggests that I carry it around until I am done shopping and then ask when I get up front. This isn't his section and he doesn't have a phone to call anyone. Except, you know, the one right next to him on the desk. This man obviously does not know that I am special. He doesn't know that I have an in at Lowe's. I inform him that I shouldn't have to walk around the store with a faucet. It is his job to help me. He heaves a heavy sigh and says that he guesses he can do it. I flip out and wave my arms and basically say screw it, never mind.

I get done with my shopping and go up front. Old guy knows he screwed up and by the time I get to the manager, he has already told him. Manager tells me that he can give me a deal on the faucet. Remember how it was $228? Usually on sale would be about ten or twenty percent off. I got it half off. I paid about $114 for the faucet. Holy. Shiznit. Again.
In addition, I had to get a new filtration system because our last one BROKE and we couldn't use it anyway with our new fancy pull down spray faucet so I got the under the sink kind. This beast lasts six months. Wow. Plus, it gets rid of parasitic cysts. Which means anytime you want a drink of water at my house you can, and you won't get the shits from it. How exciting!

Then Jeremiah had to put it together. He posed for me by pulling down his pants a bit. Yes, he has swamp ass. It is triple digit temps here, people. And why is it when a man gets a wrench in his hands his pants seem to slip off his butt? I don't get it. But I don't care too much because I got this stuff yesterday and boyfriend installed it today which is great turn-around time.
And here is the crap that came out from under the old faucet. Is it glue? I think it might be glue with tartar build-up. The water here is atrocious.
Here's the boy with the old ugly builder's special. UGLY.
And here is my new FAUCET. It has FEATURES. You can pause the spray while using the hose and it sprays or just does regular water. Plus I have a pretty soap squirter. No more ugly filter, either! YAY!
Here's the link and price at the Kohler website:
Emily's Brand Spankin' Fantastic New Super Expensive Wonderfully Arching Faucet

And this is the story of how Emily had a great time at Lowe's and how sometimes being a brat helps out.

P.S. I also told the manager about how awesome Dario is. I am a firm believer of rewarding those with wonderful customer service skills.

P.P.S. The picture of Jeremiah holding our ugly faucet shows the base of the cabinets primed only. They have since received their first coast of paint. Many of the doors/drawers are finished and ready to be reattached. We just need to paint the hinges and pick out some handles/knobs. In addition, there were other crafty type projects happening this weekend, so stay tuned!


Fall Art

You might remember that I shared my wall art with you - giant frames with scrapbook pages put inside as art. Check it:
Perfect for summer, but I wanted to represent the fall season. It's one of my favorite seasons and even if the weather is triple digits here, I want to pretend that outside is wonderfully crisp fall weather.

So here is what I did:
They are all scrapbook pages. The one on the left is of fallen leaves. The middle one is a bird sitting on a white birch. The one on the right is bare trees.

Birdsie is my fave. So cute.
So there you have it. A quick change to my wall that makes me feel as though I'm back in MI, even if I'm not.


Confused. Lost. Haunted.

First, last night we finished the series "Lost". Which devastates me. It's the same when I finish "Gilmore Girls", "Friends", or finish a book series. I get all depressed as if a friend has died. Plus, I'm all into the mystery and now...


And remember how my house is el hauntito? Well, feeling was back again last night (only upstairs, weird) and then this morning I woke up because I heard a cabinet close in our bathroom. Upon opening my eyes I discovered that it was daylight, which was super weird because daylight does not exist at 4:45 am (not this season, but in the summer, yes, it is light that early). So our alarms? Did not go off. Now, they are our phone alarms, so it wasn't an electrical issue. Both were fully charged, too. We don't have the same phone or even the same service. So it wasn't that. Jeremiah was so cute. He was all, "I wonder why the alarms didn't go off?" and I was all, "because the ghost is pissed that you don't believe in it." Which makes sense, 'cause I'm pissed that he doesn't believe in it.

Then, at work, we have new parking rules. We have increased parent parking - signs and everything. We are NOT to park in parent parking. As teachers, we don't get any designated parking.

Do you know what they told those of us that spoke up?

Wait for it, wait for it...

Get here earlier.

Have a good day, people. Please don't let my depression and angst be contagious.


Mirror, Mirror

We found a mirror! It was a steal at 50% off the regular price.

I just wanted to show you the new and improved mantel. There are still some changes to be made, but for now...we likey.

The house is still haunted. Yesterday while I worked out, Spike walked to the closet door, sniffed, and then backed away. Afterward, he walked into the master bedroom, got just past the doorway, and cowered until he was laying down. Last night, I saw weird shadows in the bedroom. I had Jeremiah turn on the lights. We sat for a minute, heard a super weird screechy noise, and Spike went ballistic, barking at NOTHING. Later that night, it got hot (which woke us both up) and I immediately sensed that everything was okay. No spooky feeling. It was gone. Whatever it was.
Just wanted to let you know that our house? STILL TOTALLY HAUNTED.


Emily's Worst Nightmare Turns Reality

Anyone who knows me well knows that the OCD side of me doesn't allow for ANY doors to be left ajar (unless it is the bathroom, because you know, it needs to air out, yo). All doors must be closed at all times. No exceptions. Cabinets are included in this rule.

Enter our house. During cabinet painting season.

Holy. Shit. I keep trying to close drawers and doors that don't exist.

I know the counter tops look messy. This is what happens while you work. Things get set down, moved, whatever. Messy.

Then let's examine the cabinets. I would like to point out that few are dedicated to actual food. We don't even have a pantry. Which is good, I think. Most of our food stuff is fresh veggies, fruits, and turkey and stored in the fridge and freezer.

So I just wanted to share the non-glamorous side of home DIY. It is one ugly motor scooter. And it causes me some stress. A lot of stress. I'm facing my demons here, people.

Update: The cabinet bases have now been primed. We hit a snag when the sander went snafu. New sander works wonderfully. Jeremiah can even hook his old vacuum cleaner hose to it which cuts down on dust. So in conclusion, all is primed, not just the doors/cabinets. Just for future notice, the oil-based primer is a mean one. Very unforgiving. But it covers EVERYTHING we weren't able to sand/rinse off.
In addition, we have progressed one step in the drum shade DIY.


Cabinet Redo, Part 1

Step One: Find a happy guy to pose with his toy after he has already removed all the cabinets, drawers, and hardware.
Step Two: Have said guy sand all the stuff. All of it. Front and back.

Step Three: Have him sand (I mean, he's out there sweating in 110 degree heat anyways, you know?) the two tables that you got at Salvation Army for $2.50 (Total.For TWO tables. Yeah, I know I'm awesome.).
Step Four: Send the guy away so you can prime in peace.
And that is currently where we are with the cabinets. Things take us a bit longer than we'd like sometimes. Ooh, and the tables? They will rock, I promise you that.


No Words to Describe.

Please make my drink now so that it is ready upon my arrival. I would like a frozen blended treat. Thanks so much.


This is the email I would send to Jeremiah if I could even fathom the thought of getting into my email account right now. Rough day. We shall forever call this day The Day of the Demons, or, The Day When Non-Drinking Emily Had a Mid-Week Drink.


Jeremiah sent me an email yesterday afternoon while I was at work with those words written in the subject box.


and then I open it and it says,


and then I wet my pants, because I'm sure, with the recent bug issues we have been experiencing at the house (We aren't DIRTY, we live in the desert. And I'm a bit defensive about the bugs, so let's just stop talking about it. Okay?), that he is home and a snake fell from the ceiling. Because bugs aren't horrible enough. Dogs going crazy. Are you picturing it?

Then I keep reading...

"I didn’t see it. It’s still here. It fell on Matt’s desk. Hahahahahaha."

So all this happened at work. And Matt? I don't know him but from what I've heard, I wouldn't like him. I'm happy that a snake fell on his desk. I bet he screamed like a sissy, or like...me, if a snake were to fall on my desk.

Relief swept over me and then I realized I peed my pants for no reason.

I hate when that happens.


Movie Update

A year ago, my birthday gift from Michigan was a Wii. Boyfriend and I have spent many hours swearing at each other (all in good fun) as we play the games. Lately I've even been whoopin' him at Mariokart, which is new (I always come in last. And why do they only have 2 female characters? Because, really, boys aren't the only ones who like to play.).

But imagine our excitement when we found out in the spring that our Netflix membership extends to watch-it-nows on the Wii. So much better than hooking up a 'puter to the tv and then having to hook up the 'puter to an outlet because regardless of which laptop we use, it inevitably dies mid-movie.

So here's what we've been watching.

Whip It - which I totally loved. All about these tough chickies that roller derby. Great female characters, lots of famous people (Eve, Drew Barrymore, Ellen Paige, Marcia Gay Harden, Jimmy Fallon, Juliette Lewis, etc.). I went online today and found out that there are like, six teams here in AZ. I would totally be all about joining except I can barely skate. But can I say? I totally rocked my white skates with blue wheels when I was little. Seriously.

Ghost Town - actually laughed until I cried at two parts. Watch it and tell me if you laugh. Even Jer laughed out loud. It was that funny. What is it about the British where they can sound all fancy and be telling you to go to hell?

Single White Female - yeah, I saw this before (high school). I rented it for free (score!) after I filled my car with gas on the way home from work one night. (What a great deal, Wesco. Not only do you have fantastic doughnuts and popcorn, but free movies with fill-up? I heart you). So anyway, I credit this movie with keeping me sans roommate (except for college. I love me some Sara & Rachel) and for not hitting boyfriend with shoes...I mean, I'm sure that a sparkly flip flop doesn't have the same effect as a stiletto heel, but why chance it, you know?

The Skeleton Key - We liked this movie a lot. It's set outside New Orleans and is about voodoo. It kept us guessing until the end. And even after it was over, Jeremiah said something and I was all, "...oh my gosh!" So if you haven't seen it (I think it came out about five years ago) you should rent it. Me likey.

Yes, Man - Jim Carrey in a not super-annoying role. And Zooey Deschanel (I heart her. She could be swearing up a storm and still sound melodic.). Just a fun story about a guy who decides he needs to start living life. We laughed out loud.

We've also been watching some shows - catching up on My Name is Earl (season 4), Weeds (season 1), Pushing Daisies (season 1), Miami Ink (season 2), and Lost (We are now on the third disk of the last season. If you tell me how the series ends I will hunt you down and go all Single White Female on you. Not all my shoes are flip flops, yo.).

So there you have it. What we've been watching in Casa E & J. Again I ask, does anyone else have anything exciting/fun/scary/touching that they've watched?

P.S. We just watched Ramen Girl, and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I think Jeremiah even liked it.


Mom, This One's For You

So I just made this:

Caramel corn. Oh, yeah.

To be fair, it isn't my recipe. It belongs to this chickie
and I must say, I love the name of her website.

I did modify the recipe a bit. Well over a cup of marshmallows AND you know the caramel that you make caramel apples with? The flat pieces of bendy caramel that come wrapped in wax paper? I cracked up a couple of those into the mix and it was pretty bad ass.

I'm thinking a lot of people at work will be getting this as a treat for the upcoming holiday season. Except I'm going to go all Harry & David on it and make it, spread it out on wax paper, then drizzle (fo' shizzle) some chocolate on it.


P.S. Of course, we made this on the stove top, because, again, no microwave. I'm sure that you could be all tech-savvy and use your microwave. But I bet mine tastes better...evil laugh inserted here.


It Makes Me Happy.

I might be the last person in the world to see this video, but I love it.


The Big Picture...Sort of.

I had some complaints because I didn't show the WHOLE living room the last time I showed pics of the house. I'm still not completely finished, but here is a bigger shot of the room. The mirror above the fireplace is temporary until I find the perfect mirror. Elmer the elephant is for keeps. The framed pictures will be moved to the hall upstairs. But for now, here it is:

And for awhile I had a pretty floral scarf serving as a tablecloth, but then I found these green placemats at Kohl's for a buck (don't worry, I got a full set) and thought they looked great with the blue, plus the punch of color from the flowers (from Jeremiah on our anniversary).

By the way, that little yellow corner table is the best thing ever. I got it at Salvation Army for about ten bucks. Whoever owned it before painted the pop open drawers a pretty sea green. Totally complimentary. Love.It.

P.S. The cabinets have been removed and sanded by Jeremiah. The priming (my job) is almost done. Next step: Paint (also my job)! The slip cover for the slipper chair is half finished. It was most definitely another successful and crafty weekend!


Kiss My Glass

I mentioned that I found some awesome deals at Salvation Army. Again. I heart Salvation Army. I really do.

My first piece is this fun green vase. I figure it will be perfect with those little tiny tea lights I bought, some fresh flowers, or whatever. I likes it a lots.
Excuse the water spots, but aren't you loving these glasses? So much fun! They totally go with our stuff. I'm planning on using them for drinking glasses, but they could double as cute votive holders or even small vases.
Lastly, I added another jar to my collection. You can see that we put my first two right to work. They house our rice and corn kernels. Yes, we pop our own popcorn. No, we don't own a microwave. No, we haven't set any pans on fire (remember that, dad?). And yes, people think we're weird 'cause we don't have a microwave. In my defense, I bought one, wasn't satisfied, took it back, and just kind of never replaced it.

Anyway, ooh, pretty. Right?

So that is it. Anyone else have an addiction? I figure I'm okay because I use all of the glass I buy, plus I pay about 50 cents for each item.

P.S. Stay tuned because we are painting kitchen cabinets this weekend, I've bought fabric to FINALLY slip-cover that slipper chair, and MAYBE we will finally be making our own drum shaded pendant light. It doesn't get much better than this.


Excuse Me

I haven't been in a very bloggy place this week. Lots of drama, both at school (you know, where I work) and at school (you know, the place where I go to learn more and get some more smarts). Jeremiah is wondering if he's living with a girlfriend or a sailor, he's heard THAT MANY swears. I've even become an alarm clock for the both of us as I wake us both up by screaming. Nice, right? Once the stress levels come down this weekend, I'll be posting lots.