Check Out My Knobs

I have to tell you that a Hobby Lobby opened recently near my casa. One Saturday when I was feeling a bit blue, a sweet man of the boyfriend variety suggested that we go check it out, hoping to lift my spirits.

First, you must understand that any grand opening is scary, but a crafty store grand opening might be the scariest thing ever. I don't recommend checking it out alone. You need someone there to hold your hand. There's all sorts of people there, just pushing & shoving & not following the bubble of personal space rule. You've got the kids, teens, etc. You've the got the crazies looking for a bargain (oh, lord I sort of fit in that category. I just don't push or shove. I'm very orderly in my shopping and bargain hunting, I promise.), plus the guys with their gals that would rather be ANYWHERE else, the guys looking at the model building stuff, little granny and grandpa types...You get the idea. All types of crazies. And it is okay for me to say that because I put myself in one of those categories.

As we are wandering through the store, Jeremiah points out that they have an aisle dedicated to knobs. Knowing I was looking to update some knobs, he steered us down the aisle where I found these little buggers:

So we got the E & J so we can use them on our new desk (that was only $15 at SalArmy). I'm just showing a close up until we get the remodel done on the desk. Then I will do a before and after for you.

I also wanted you to see these:
The entire house was/is filled with these cheap brassy knobs. Ick. I've been having that boyfriend of mine replace them as I am painting. We bought these as replacements:
Brushed nickel instead. So much prettier & much more me. I'm done discussing my knobs.

Oh, Yes. It's Time.

After months of looking at paint colors (I started collecting the little cards they have at Lowe's in May) and after months of trying to choose colors (once I finally knew I got the house) and after months of delays, final paint colors are being painted on the walls! Not primer! Not ceiling white! Actual paint! Take a look:

The fireplace wall is going to be an accent wall. The color is...babbling brook? I don't remember and I'm too tired to get up and check. Yesterday was the day that CLH (Common Law Husband) & I finally finished the ceiling with the new white color. Remember that previously the entire house, including doors, hinges, ceilings, etc. was bellow (beige-yellow).
So I know the color doesn't show up perfectly on camera, but it is truly beautiful. Makes me almost feel like it isn't my house. Even CLH has commented that he "REALLY likes" the color.
The next step was to paint the other walls the regular color, which I know is Morning Fog. Again, I know it isn't easy to see the color, but it is a shade lighter than the accent wall.
This last picture I included because it shows the hallway (which is painted with the accent color) the arch is painted the regular color, the ceiling has been painted a pretty white and there is a tiny sneak of the bellow paint and primer on the closet door because I stopped at the archway.


Secret Love

I've had a huge crush for a while now. Jeremiah has known about it. He was even okay with it. I wouldn't exactly call him an enabler, but he certainly didn't do anything to diminish my crush. Ready? Here it is:
It's the reversible rug. From Target. Week after week, month after month, I would gaze longingly at the rug. Touch it. Sigh and walk away. Totally couldn't afford it. As we walked through on Sunday (Valentine's Day, I think it was fate) I noticed a small red sticker on the tag - you know the sticker. The CLEARANCE sticker. I kid you not. It was on clearance for only - wait for it - $12.00. I practically purred. I wouldn't set it down. Then I saw his little (but still handsome) brother and was like, "hello lover" - it was only $6. OHMYGOSH. I got them both. We're doing quite well, thank you. I'm not showing it/them in all the glory until the walls get painted. Get over it.

But I'm not finished. Because when it rains it pours - clearance stickers, that is! So we continue wandering around Target. I'm beaming like a proud parent and am feeling positively giddy. Then we see this:

$160 for the chair. On clearance. $27! It is so comfy and wonderful that I snatched it right up. I figure I can make a little cover for it once I finally get the craft room ready to go. Boy oh boy. What a day.


10 in '10

I have a goal. I figure sharing it is the best way to keep me to it. Ready?

My goal is to read ten books in 2010. No biggie, because I read all the time. Here's the thing - No rereads can count as my ten. That's where the problem lies. I read books all the time, but they are usually a sort of comfort book - easy to read, I enjoy it, I've read it before. I chose ten because it is a nice even number, it goes with the whole 2010, and it is an attainable goal. No sense in setting the goal too high and then facing an inevitable failure.

I've started my first book: Marley & Me. So far I've cried twice. I love it. I figure I'm good, because I know that the dog is going to die. It's not going to be a surprise. Yeah, right. I'm still going to be a crying mess.

That's my goal. Half a book down, nine and a half to go.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I felt very special on Friday (after a long week of conferences) when my students brought me all sorts of stuff for Valentine's Day. It was as if Cupid came in and puked up on my desk. Four or five boxes of candies, stuffed animals, cards, flowers, etc. Here are my favorites.
Two students brought me balloons - which I love, and they had remembered.
Another student brought me roses. So pretty.
I don't get many perks with my job - there isn't any traveling, holiday parties, bonuses, etc. - so the occasional gifts mean the world to me. Especially seeing how excited the students get to give them to me.

Love Birds

So Jeremiah got me these bird salt/pepper shakers for Christmas. It was sort of like this when we walked out of the store. Me: "Tell me right now if you aren't going to get those for me. I want them and I will go back in the store RIGHT NOW if you aren't going to come back for them." Boyfriend: "Just get in the car." I took that to mean that he would get them for me and he did! Want to see my shakers?

Don't you love them? I've always been a little chickadee and I've always liked to watch the birds, but lately I've been bringing them into my house, so when I was at Salvation Army on Saturday and saw this...

I thought, oh.my.gosh. and picked it up immediately. It was a dollar. One dollar. It matches my shakers perfectly. I don't have anything else to say. I'm just in love with my little white birds.


Sharing a Little Happy

Atticus is truly my dog. Any opportunity to ham it up, he goes for it. Yes, they are in matching fleece-lined, reflective striped, water-resistant jackets. No, I am not ashamed.
I can't take credit for the pictures. Le boyfriend did the photography.
Atticus enjoying the sunshine...
...and squeeeenting because the sun eez so bright, you know?
I think Jer did a great job with this shot. It allows you to see Spike in all of his low-riding glory. And yes, they also having matching sweaters for days when they just need something light.

p.s. This morning Jer left early for work. He let the dogs back into the bedroom and Spike got comfy right next to me. Atticus just kept hopping all over the bed. Hop. Hop Hop. Hop. Hop. Then, THUD. He fell off the bed. I laugh just thinking about it.


Halted Progress

I thought I would provide an update on the home improvements. That have come to a screeching stop, due to some ugly. More on that later. For now, let's just enjoy the pictures.
I decided to paint the fireplace. I know that some might consider it...wrong. I went back and forth on this and I decided I didn't give a flip. I think it will lighten the room. Right now, it is just primed. The wall surrounding it will be a silvery blueish greenish color.
I popped this picture in because it shows the different colors that I was considering. It also shows how open the staircase is and I truly love that I can sit downstairs and see all the way up (or vice versa).
Ceiling. Primed. And then priming halted.
Here is the hallway to the laundry room, garage, and the bathroom. It has already been painted. This will be the same color as the fireplace wall, and it is a touch darker than the rest of the walls will be. If the rest of the walls ever get finished. Because of...
THIS! I told you it would be ugly. It's like the story There's a Monster at the End of This Book. You kept looking at the pictures, knowing something bad was coming. Well, here's the bad. A leaky pipe. I had two plumbing companies that I didn't like. The second one gave me a $1200 estimate. I called my home warranty people and they'd had it with me. Imagine a lot of hands waving in the air, fingers being flipped at me through the phone, tongues sticking out, muting me and swearing. They were done with me. They let me choose my own plumber instead of one of their corrupt, well-researched, lying plumbing companies. I picked a guy that is the son of one of boyfriend's coworkers. He came out, showed us the leakiness, and will fix it for a fraction of the cost. 1/6 of the cost, to be exact.
So that is the progress and the reason the work stopped. I told you it was ugly, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, don't you think?

Holiday Leftovers

World Market and Pier 1 had some mondo sales and as a frugal shopper, I found this super appealing. Plus, I love ornaments. So here goes. The one above was actually a present from le boyfriend. 'Cause I love dogs, you know?
Also a present. 'Cause I love trees and outdoorsy stuff, you know?
The one above is full of sparkly goodness and it is an after-holiday find. If I had the patience, I think I could recreate it. It just takes sequins and tiny beads. In fact, have I done this? I'm having ornament deja vu.
I thought both of these could be recreated as well. Just get some ribbon and foam balls.
There you have it. Holiday goodies 75% off.