Stuff I Want to Do

I constantly think about things that I want to do, but haven't done yet. (Pfft, why not? Oh, wait. Money issues...) So in order to help Jeremiah remember how high-maintenance I am  keep things straight, I'm making a list. A bucket list. It'll evolve as I add things and (fingers crossed) cross things off the list. Do you hear that Jeremiah?
  1. Go to Ireland
  2. Go to England
  3. Go to Italy. I want to see the famous cities. AND Pompeii. I studied Pompeii for Odyssey of the Mind (Yes, I'm a nerd. If you have to ask you obviously don't know me well.) and have been obsessed ever since.
  4. Go to Scotland - I like plaid. And bagpipes.
  5. Take Jeremiah to Vegas - He's never been and I want him to see Love.
  6. Prom. I want to experience prom (long story).
  7. Refinish the floors in our house. I like the simpleness of concrete, but maybe add stencil?
  8. Paint my special room.
  9. Paint the trim in my room.
  10. Lighting in my room.
  11. Refinish shelves from Borders. I am halfway done with this.
  12. Disney. I don't care which one. I want to experience Disneyland or Disney World. 
  13. Finish my Masters. 
  14. Get my reading endorsement transferred from MI to AZ.
  15. Make a roman blind. Like, for the house. Not, I'm going to blind a Roman.
  16. Get my tub installed. Screw everything else I want my tub. 
  17. Choose paint colors for the master bath and bedroom.
  18. Make a headboard for the bed.
  19. Put up the beadboard on the island in the kitchen.
  20. Paint the beadboard. Put up the trim.
  21. Make pendant lighting for over the island.
  22. Finish window: roller blind, curtain/roman blind
  23. Touch-up paint around window to match the walls above the cabinets.
  24. Plant a garden and TEND it.
  25. I feel a need to go camping. I'm not sure what this is about but I get a jonesing every time I see my sleeping bag. And it's in the walk-in, so I see it daily.
  26. Alaska. My dad talks about how gorgeous it was when he went. 
  27. I want to travel across country on a roadtrip. Driving with my dad and Scout and all my crap counts, but only a little. I want to do the trip with ZERO time constraints. And I want to see the stuff like, World's Largest Ball of String, etc. 
  28. I want to go on a cruise. I just do. 
  29. Take (another) yoga class. I loved yoga. I need to get back into it. 
  30. I want to see Jeremiah play drums onstage. I don't have a lot of control over this one. 
  31. I want pictures of both sets of grandparents on their wedding days. I want to frame them and hang them in my house.
  32. Australia
  33. Hawaii
  34. Greece
  35. All fifty states. So far I'm at...maybe nine? So sad. I've traveled through many more, but I have certain requirements before I can say I've actually been to a state.