Meet the Zoo

We've got two really annoying great dogs. We are firm believers that you should save the animals that are in need of a home, so both of the pups came from the shelter. No breeders, puppy mills, or anything like that, thanks.

We got Spike first because Jeremiah always thought it would be cool to have a wiener dog. Spike is the loudest dog I've ever had. EVER. He also will eat anything and EVERYTHING, which has caused some emergency vet visits. He is an extremely happy dog who always meets you with a waggy tail.

I am in disguise. This is not here because I ate a pigeon in the backyard. No ma'am.

One day, about a year and a half later, while looking through the AZ Humane website, I found a little dog. His name was Atticus, which totally went with my beloved cat Scout (Taken from the same book. See! Totally nerdy.).  He had been hit by a car and lost most of his tail. He had been through several emergency surgeries. I'd never wanted a chihuahua, but my heart went out and he came home. He was so malnourished when I got him that he was all white. When he began to get healthy, he got some color (and some pep).  He is a wonderful example of a chihuahua and people always comment on him or point which isn't rude at all.

Malvina (Mel) joined our house in February, almost a year after I lost Scout. When I felt ready to look for a cat, Jeremiah said any cat would be fine with him, as long as she wasn't white and long-haired. Enter Mel, a Snowshoe mix with lots of white medium length hair that sheds everywhere. Sorry, babe. We got her from the Humane Society here in Phoenix and she has been a fantastic addition to our home. Her oddities fit right in with the rest of us.

Maddie was the last to join the pack. She is also from the shelter. There is the slightest chance that she might be a distant relative of Satan's. She likes to play with everything. Well, not everything. She quit attacking drawstrings and the man bits and my thighs are greatly appreciative for that little gift.
Meow. I have come to eff things up.

So those are the critters running around our house, causing chaos, stress, and love. Lots of love.