O' Christmas Tree

These two shots are of the tree in the front room. It is decorated with silver, white, and blue ornaments (balls)...heeheheehehee.
The tree in our living room is decorated with bright & cheery ornaments. We went to Target after Christmas and got more ornaments for both trees at 50% off.
The wreath was a gift from Debi, our realtor, and was shipped fresh from Washington. It smells pine-y and wonderful.

Animal House

I felt as though Scout needed some more time in the spotlight. She is, after all, my precious.
Adorable Atticus.
Now this is more of a dog search/count/connect the dogs. That's right. FOUR dogs in our house while Jeremiah's parents were here. Coco is in the chair and Pancho is on the floor.
Santicus and Pancho.
I guess chihuahuas gotta stick together.

Christmas Miracle

Jeremiah had promised me that he would build a stand for the washer and dryer. While I was away, there was some work gettin' did! Jeremiah and his dad built the fantastic stand that is pictured below. I was completely impressed and it is better than I could have imagined. I'd like to give credit where it's due, but both of the guys were doing this - "Well, he actually did most of the work." in gruff man voices. I do know that Jeremiah's dad painted it and even filled in the little screw/nail? spots with the white putty stuff to give it an even nicer finish. So thank you, Frank!

The total price came to about $70, which included some sort of new saw blade or something. The cost of the stands that are sold with the washer and dryer run between $400 - $500.

p.s. I plan on finding some stout little storage containers to hold goodies underneath.

Room updates! Or, Emily finally found a rug that she likes.

Here is Jer's music station. I'm sure he has a fancy name for it, but I'll just call it a music station. It isn't complete yet. I'm still planning on using a funky fabric or paper to look like a wall behind the stereo and drum to hide the wires. The rug (which I adore) was purchased at World Market and is made of jute.
Scout is loving the new setup, too. She has such good taste.
Here is a view from the top (isn't that a movie?). You can see that we divided the freakishly long room into two smaller rooms using the bookshelf. We doled out some moolah for the white boxes so we can store goodies without looking messy.
Here is the view of just the music area. We plan on adding/switching out the chair for a small (yet fun) couch or like I mentioned, adding another chair.

Somewhere over the rainbow, finches (and flickers) fly

The hummingbird above is called an Anna's Hummingbird. It has a bit of purple on the throat that is just barely visible in the picture but is beautiful up close. Below is a picture that Jeremiah took (right in our front yard!) after a rainstorm.

Finches! They eat out of my finch feeder and the hummingbird feeder!
My most beautiful woodpecker/flicker. He sits right on the fence that borders the patio and noisily waits to get his food.

Let there be light!

Now, I know that some people are probably content with having a jar lid and a bare lightbulb serving as fancy shmancy lighting on their outdoor patio, but it wasn't really doing it for me. I found a fixture that I liked at Lowe's and Jeremiah hooked me up with some lighting I could not only live with, but actually liked. Oh, by the way - we needed to use electric (electrical?) tape and found a bit in my emergency roadside kit that I got from dad - that kit has come in handy while working on the cars AND the house - thanks, Dad!