Weekend Update

I'm actually writing this on Sunday morning. I imagine I'll send it out to you all tomorrow.

It's been awhile. I know this. So I'm just going to do a nice little list for you. Well, really it's more for me. I happen to love lists.

  1. The thing is, I got a new job. I started interviewing for it at the beginning of March and the entire process took nearly three months. There was a lot of anxiety and stress throughout the process and even once I had my conditional hire I was still a bit on edge. One of us (Jeremiah) was so happy that a stream of obscenities was released along with a string of questions. The other one of us (um, Emily) could be seen bending over a toilet trying to keep her food down. Such a change, Friends. And telling my principal that I would not be returning next year? Super hard and super easy, all at the same time. As if that makes ANY sort of sense. Anyway, my new job title is human resources manager.  My employer is a retail giant. I float back and forth between managing the entire store for a shift or two a week and my HR work. I'm still in training. I can't really say more than that. I don't want to get fired. I just got hired. 
  2. My foot/ankle did not require surgery. At this time. I had a ruptured posterior tendon which was causing the ankle pain. The plantar fascia was/is quite bad, so who knows with that. The cast/boot is off. I wear a brace if I know I'll be up for my shift at work. Physical therapy. That sort of thing.
  3. Jeremiah was gone for about ten days. I am pretty sure that I slept a total of maybe five hours while he was gone. No kidding. He had a great time and I'm only about thirty percent jealous that he got to go home and see his family. And horses. And water. Whatever.
  4. Maddie has a rash. That's cat number two, in case you were wondering. The rash/hotspot is disgusting. It's covered in pus and blood. And it's raw. The other day I picked her up and gave her kisses and I accidentally KISSED the hotspot. Grossest thing ever. I almost threw up a little in my mouth. Baby barfed. The cause of the rash (hotspot) is most likely a very expensive food allergy. Fan-freaking-tastic. We went through this with Atticus and he ate pork chops and barley for months. And I was like, "Why the hell is my dog eating like a king? Why am I slaving over the stove/oven?" and then we discovered it was actually an environmental allergy and I was all, "Here's the Iams, little guy!". Maddie (and Mel's, because you can't switch it up for just one of them) food is so expensive that when I saw the price of it on the shelf, I nearly wet myself. Good lord. Oh, well. I just got a raise, right? 

That might be it. I work ten hour shifts right now and am driving all over the valley. The nice thing is, I don't bring any stress home with me. Or work. When I am done, I'm done. My days off are for me, and that is fabulous. We are (fingers crossed) hoping to accomplish some of these things within the next six months or so: tile floor, french doors leading to the patio, new roof, master bath, guest bath.

I've really missed blogging (and taking pictures), so I am hoping that once I get a bit more settled into things, I'll be able to get back to where I once was.