From the Vault Fridays - GNORM!

I know that there are some blogs that do "Wordless Wednesday" and post a picture. I get that. I dig the idea. But I realize that there are a lot of pictures pre-blog that you might have missed. Or outtakes that you missed. I know you are sad about that. So I'm starting "From the Vault Fridays", where I will post a variety of pictures that are ALL GNEW TO YOU.

Starting with Gnorm.

(Obviously these posts aren't going to be wordless.)

While visiting my parents a year and a half ago, I noticed my mom had a cute little gnome. The Travelocity gnome. She got him at Meijer's. (If you don't have Meijer's in your hood I am sorry. I don't have one here in AZ and it makes me said on a bi-weekly basis. Basically every time we go to the grocery store.) So we went to Meijer's and I found the gnome. Brought him to AZ. I then challenged myself to taking a daily picture for an entire month using the gnome. I was successful. I thought I'd share some of them on here. Because who doesn't feel cheery when they see a happy gnome?

I just decided to name him Gnorm because we are working our way through Cheers on Netflix. I didn't watch it much because I was just a kid (a small child, not a goat-baby) when it was on tv. Plus, what kid (again, small child) likes bars and beers? Anyway, I'm finding it humorous now and loving Coach. But I thought if I name the gnome Gnorm that you could yell "GNORM!" every time you see him on the computer screen. That might start conversations if other people are around you. Or they might just think you are crazy. Either way, good times.

This was after Zumba. Yes, I wore those socks. If you can't make exercising fun, why do it? Plus, let's be honest. I like the attention. I don't mind being weird. p.s. After I took this picture of myself & Gnorm I stepped on dog poop and then I went inside and told Jeremiah it was time for him to go rake the yard.


Jeremiah said...

GNORM!!!!! Hello Gnorman.

Lauren said...

First, love your socks. I wear ridiculous socks everywhere. Especially around Christmas. The socks I am wearing today have little bananas on them. Second, the very last item for your prize came today, finally, for the love of god. So I can actually send it now.

So you'll have it approximately two and a half weeks after you won it.

How's THAT for timely! (NOT GOOD AT ALL, I KNOW)

Emily said...

Thanks, Lauren. I would tell you that I wear the socks for my students, that they get a kick out of it, but that would be a lie. I've worn silly socks for as long as I can remember.

Regarding the prize - Still no worries. I'm so excited to win! Thank you!