Dinner and Dessert

I got the dogs Halloween costumes at Target today.

I'd like to say that I'm above that and wouldn't do it, but I'm not. You might not dress up your pets, but I do. And mine seem to like it. Get over it. I don't roll my eyes at your non-costumed dog, so no judging. And if you do judge...yeah, I don't care. 'Cause these dogs? Looking cutie patootie.

First we have some nice afternoon outdoor shots of Kisser. He seems to enjoy being an ice cream sundae. The top three shots are my favorites.

Indoors was a bit more chaotic, as Jeremiah was removing the old island (it is being repurposed in the garage as a work area for me, as he already has one) and installing the new one. There were no trips to the emergency room. yay.
Wiener as a wiener.
Atticus with the banana hat. Wearing it sideways because "party up in here"!
Side view - I don't think he likes the hat as much as the rest of his costume.

Happy Halloween!!

P.S. Listening to: White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights. It's INCREDIBLE.


Finally! White Cabinets!!

Here's how it looked before:

When you look at the picture below, please ignore the messy countertop. That's not what it will look like when we're done. Keep in mind - mess is a part of a work in progress. But here are the cabinets! What a huge amount of work. I can honestly say that it was one of the biggest pains. Yeah, not my favorite DIY project. The garage was so hot, the cabinets took so many layers...Pain.In.The.Butt.
But now:

I know the picture quality isn't great (I've yet to master indoor shots.), but...I.Love.Forever.And I even got to pick out these handles for Jeremiah to put on the cabinets. Nice, right?

We still have a lot to do with regards to the kitchen. New island to be put up, old one to tear out, tile backsplash, diy light over the island, curtains/blinds on the window...so much fun!

P.S. The new island has been put together. Jeremiah is talking about pulling out the old island this weekend. Exciting! And scary! Maybe Halloween weekend isn't the best time to do electric work. Last Halloween weekend he fell and broke a rib...Maybe we should rethink this?


Cactus, Revisited.

Remember how the cactus fell during the storm? You can revisit it here and here and even here .
Remember how I said that I wanted to save the rods or ribs or whatever they are called?
Here we go:
Keep in mind that this is simply one chunk of the cactus. It was over two stories tall, so Jeremiah cut it into smaller pieces. We let it sit in the front yard for awhile (The neighbors? They love us.) and then sawed chunks of the skin/whatever off to expose the ribs. Eventually it looked like these pictures. We moved everything to the backyard. Jeremiah will sand them down and they will become ART. In the house. I'm super excited.
Dig it? I think it will look super cool. We've got a bunch, so we'll have to design something great.


Lonely Men + Hookers = Jerome

As I mentioned earlier, we took a day trip up to Jerome. Jerome was a booming mining town in the 1800s and early 1900s. The company that mined made something like 60,000,000 in mining! Holy crap. Anyway, the men got lonely so they had lots of saloons and lots of working women (if you know what I mean). The town is very cool. We are early birds, so we left...early. And by the way - if one were ever to take a trip to Jerome, I recommend going EARLY because the people start to roll in around noon and it gets super over the top touristy. And who wants that?

We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts, which was a true bummer. I only get doughnuts on roadtrips and these doughnuts were not worthy. So sad. I miss Wesco.

Anyway, let's get on with the pictures!

Here we are heading north of PHX.
Some saguaros, which take my breath away. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
Heading through the mountain...
...Reaching the top.

Beautiful clouds.
Boyfriend. Driving.
I thought this one was cool. Clouds + Jerome = Happy Emily
It started to get twisty and turn-y and I started getting nervous and there was NO sort of guardrail. So I focused on the clouds instead.
I just like this.
Waiting for our turn at a one lane part of the road.
Fence in Jerome.

I like this one, too!

And finally, Jerome, city in the mountain!

Anyone else planning any fun trips?


What to Order for Lunch

Here was our conversation while at lunch. We took a road trip today. Pictures to follow.

Emily: So what are you going to order?

Boyfriend: I can't decide. I'm going to have to narrow it down. He thinks about it, looking at the menu again. Looks up.

Boyfriend: I can tell you one thing though

[distracted]: What's that?

Boyfriend: I'm not getting "Tom's Sausage". I can't order sausage that has another man's name in front of it. It's out of the question. He looks back at the menu sadly.

And really, what's left to say after that?

My $37 Chair.

Okay. I bought this chair awhile ago at Target. Remember?

And I said that I would make a slipcover thing for it. Remember??

Well, I finally did.

I bought some heavy fabric at Jo-Anne's. It was on clearance and then fifty percent off of that price. Score. $12. Total.
I didn't measure anything. I just kind of cut the shape, hemmed, did the corners, etc. I did make one mistake and had to fix it, but that is neither here nor there. The top/back of the chair was the easiest thing. I made sure the fabric was facing the same direction as the seat, then sewed it up like a pillow case.
And voila! Chair slipcover. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

Anyone else working on some sewing or crafting?

P.S. Thanks so much for everyone that is voting for me. The odds are so slim, I know, but it means a lot that people are still taking the time to vote for me.


You Screen, I Screen

While cruising around our local ghetto, we stopped at a second hand store. I found this:

It's wrought iron. It's heavy. I love it.

It was supposed to go in front of the fireplace, but we really wanted the design to stand out so Jeremiah removed the legs and the brass balls (heeeheee) on top and hung it for me.

It needs to be moved a bit, but for now we are loving it. I don't even mind the stumps/screws at the bottom (although Jeremiah offered to hacksaw them off for me) because it adds to its character. It is unique, most likely there aren't too many people who have this, and I LOVE repurposing stuff. And I love a good deal - $20. Jeremiah bargained with him. Not bad for unique art!

p.s. Thank you for all of you that are voting daily! I truly appreciate it. I know that my chances are slim and there are people way ahead of me, but it honestly doesn't hurt to try. The realization that I could write a post each day and have someone pay me to do it...wow. So thanks again.

p.p.s. Also, we've got some great posts coming up. That's the royal we. I mean I have some posts coming up. Some tattoo stuff, some WHITE CABINETS, the chair has a new slipcover, etc. Stay tuned! I've nearly finished the huge amounts of work for school & school, so I might have a little more blogging time!


Do You Love Me? Really, Really Love Me?

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p.p.p.s. Please and thank you.


Tattoo YOU

I think that the biggest question/comment I get on the blog (see how I make funny about the fact that you all read my blog and no one comments?) is this:

Emily, what do you and Boyfriend do on the weekends now that you can't swim?

Well, dear readers, while technically it is still swimming season, the pool has gotten colder.

So instead of swimming this weekend, we got tattoos.

Hold on. Oh, yup. I hear my mom screaming.

Let me just say this:
  • Mine has been about ten years in the making. I've wanted one since college.
  • It is something that I can say I will honestly love forever.
  • It has nothing to do with Boyfriend.
  • I knew what I wanted in August and have been waiting ever since.
  • It is personal and I won't been sharing any information about mine.
  • It is not in a highly visible area.
  • Jeremiah's is awesome (his Christmas present) and I will be showing pics and details of his.
  • That's it.

So more details to come! Lurk if you like, comment if you wish. I wish you to comment, but whatever.


Hot Boths

We ordered Chinese food from the Phoenix version of the Botulism Pagoda on Saturday. Jeremiah reads his fortune, makes a face, and says, "Um, I think this one was supposed to go to you."

Check out Jeremiah's fortune:
I don't know what is funnier, the idea of Jeremiah taking a bubble bath or that they misspelled bath. I laughed so hard little bits of fortune cookie flew out of my mouth.

P.S. Right now we are listening to Green Day's American Idiot (on vinyl, of course).


Ummm...Abraham Washington?

It started on Saturday, when we were picking out some burlap at Jo-Anne's. Jeremiah was making fun of me because I forgot pi. Which, any other time, I would have totally remembered. Even if I didn't remember from high school math, I remember because Rachel made her math teacher husband a pie with pi on the top on 3/14. But on Saturday, I forgot.

And then Jeremiah starts talking about diameter and radius and forget about it.

So on Sunday night, as we are getting ready for bed, he announced that everybody should know how to find pi, diameter, and radius.

So I immediately take offense.

"Oh, really?" I said. "Everybody? Well, I happen to believe that everybody should know who gave fireside chats to Americans."

His eyes g0t big and he got a grin on his face. He sucked in his breath and I said, "Hah! I can't believe you don't know that! Everyone knows that!" His response was, "You didn't let me finish! Abraham...(and he's watching me to check my response)Washington?"

At which point I started laughing. For about five minutes. And he demanded to know who it was. I wouldn't tell. I told him he had to wait until I blogged the answer.

We continued on with the trivia until I brought up Euripides, which is when he said, "Euripides and I kick your ass. Get it? You rip these and I kick your ass!"

And that is when trivia night ended.

p.s. FDR


You Light Up My Life

So above the dining room table hung this lamp:
Looking at it eerily reminded me of dining at Pizza Hut. And the bronze/gold fixture? HAD.TO.GO.

Enter this blog, which offered a sort of diy tutorial.

We used hoops (like for sewing and quilting), screws (they did not) quilting plastic (they did not), and burlap.

Except my boyfriend is a lover of building/engineering and was not satisfied with all of their setup. He got rid of the adjustable knob things on the side (they left their knobs on) by securing the hoops with itty bitty screws. We used quilter's plastic (might not be the actual name) because the plexi-glass splinters, costs more, and we couldn't even find it. We've had warnings of it getting melt-y/bend-y, but our bulb doesn't get too hot and the drum shade is HUGE, so it isn't even close to the light.

Oh, and Jeremiah also spray painted the fixture.

Ready to see the result?

Our total cost was about $17. Seventeen dollars, people.

P.S. I'm not showing the table with it just yet because the table is a disaster as it has been the go to place for crap that we moved off the counter during painting season.


I Promise

I promise to NEVER call you The Hubs, Hubs, The Hubby, or Hubby. Promise and promise forever and ever. While it might be cute and appropriate for some people, it is not cute or appropriate for us. Ever. Even when we get married, I will never utter those words, even as a joke. I promise, okay?

P.S. In return, please do not call me "Old Lady", "The Missus", or "Ball & Chain" or anything equally as ick.


Oh, Boy(friend).

I sent Jeremiah a cool engagement/proposal that I read about on a blog. I listed it as the coolest proposal THUS FAR, indicating that perhaps he could do better.

His response?

Yeah…I’m pretty sure I could outdo that. Really, that’s whats taking me so long…just the planning alone has been 3 years in the process.
Now I have to save up for it. But I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the trip to the Diamond mines in Egypt to pick out your diamond and then the trip to France for the setting to put the stone in…I’ve told you too much now. I have to rethink this.
Smart ass.

p.s. Yesterday we had guest teachers and got the day to do planning with our grade level. My room smells like it has been assaulted by an old lady. I'm wondering if she actually sprayed grandma perfume IN MY ROOM. I don't think I should have to put a note saying, "please don't drench my room in an old lady perfume. I much rather the smell of kids. At least that doesn't bother my asthma." I've yet to have a teacher that meets my standards. This babe went through my fridge while I was IN THE ROOM and got mad when I told her that I had a lunch to store in it, too. In addition, she was angry because she had duty twice (poor lady. 70 degrees and sunny. half day work at full day pay. boo hoo.). SUCK IT UP.


An Ocean of Color

I wanted to share the little shelf CLH created for me so I could display my ocean-inspired glass SAFELY (a daunting task considering the dogs).

It's in the laundry room (hence the frosted windows) and I'm sorry the picture didn't turn out better but with the flash the glasses didn't light up. Without the flash, the room is a bit dim. I just really wanted you to see the neat effect. It's even cooler in the afternoon when the sun is really shining through. Beautiful glass that lights up the room.

P.S. All of the glass was purchased at either SalArmy or Goodwill for less than a dollar each.

P.P.S. What I'm listening to now: THUNDER! We are having an incredible storm! Roads flooded and everything! It is something that you don't miss until it's gone - grey skies and rain. Makes me feel like fall is finally here. We even had HAIL!


Ultimate Goals

The other night while I was sitting around with Boyfriend I told him that my ultimate goal in life was world domination. Boyfriend knows me quite well, and his response was along the lines of, "Hmmm...Okay." and then continuing along with whatever he was doing.

Because I am random and lofty-goaled, all at the same time.

Then at work my principal comes to me. She says all these nice things. Compliments. How wonderful I worked on a team. How I stayed on task. How I really represented where the school needed to be going. All these nice things. I couldn't help it, I purred. And when she asked me to join an intervention team at school, I folded. I'm a work slut. Say nice things to me and I'm yours.

I went home and sat across from Boyfriend to play Bananagrams (which is the best game EVER - it's like Scrabble except you are mostly competing with yourself - you only play off of your tiles). He was all, "What's up?" and I informed him that I had been suckered into more stuff at work by being on this team thing.

He's quiet for a minute. Plays his tiles. Looks up and says, "This will be great on your resume for that world domination gig you wanted."

So true. Thanks for keeping my eyes on the prize.

P.S. What I'm listening to now: Weezer, self-titled. Particular favorites include the well-known "Buddy Holly" which is all about not frontin' (I say this in a completely silly and nerd girl way) and goes something like this: "OOO EEE OOO I look just like Buddy Holly Oh Oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore. I don't care what they say about us anyway."
The other song I'm in heart with right now "Undone: The Sweater Song" Slightly less popular, but still a hit. Talk singing all the way. I want to be skater cool. I also want the nineties back, which is evident by my music choice.

What's everyone else listening to?

P.P.S. A work slut is different than a slut at work. Just thought I should point that out.


Salvation finds find salvation

A while back (as in, nothing was painted, nothing was finished, we'd just moved in...so actually, a year ago.) I got this mirror at SalArmy. You can tell it was supposed to be on a dresser or something.

But I knew it had potential. If only we could turn it sideways and paint it, too!

So we did. And I also had Jeremiah hang little hooks so I could get these CUTE little letters (our first initials of our last names).
Here's what it looks like finished. The table was also from SalArmy. I paid about fifteen for the table. The mirror was five.
Please ignore the fact that there are two different types of knobs. I'm still deciding. And I'm not sure if I want the top of the table to be black or left as is.
Anyway, here is the setup for a grand total of about fifteen dollars!

P.S. I would like to introduce a little something I call, "What I'm listening to now."
What I'm listening to now: T Rex - Electric Warrior
It's Jeremiah's vinyl and it is one of my favorites. My favorite song on there is "Cosmic Dancer".


So...Yeah. We Own Pint-Sized Devils.

Is it:

A. Snowing in AZ
B. A DIY gone awry
C. What the dogs do when they want to be extra naughty

If you guessed C, you are correct. Those little butt munches have their own blanket that they cozy up in and when they are not cozy in it, they rip the shredding out and run around with it. So much fun. This is what they do when we are preoccupied with house stuff. Little bastards.