Sew These are the Pillows...

Okey Dokey. One of my goals is to do at least one crafty/housey thing each week. This last weekend, I mentioned that boyfriend and I were uber crafty (or artsy, in boyfriend's case) and productive.

I made pillows!
This first pillow I actually did a bit more work to after these pictures were taken (I tightened up the edges/sides to make it fit more snugly around the pillow guts). I used a blue fabric with a fun, retro-y print on the front. I grabbed some felt while I was at Jo-Anne's and used that to make an E. Jeremiah asked if I used a stencil or anything. The answer is no, I free-handed it. Tip: I use white-eyeliner to draw on the felt. Comes off with a bit of rubbing.
On the back of the pillow is a brown fabric with polka-dots. I folded the front fabric over so that the guts could easily be removed when it was time for a wash.

This next picture is the second pillow I did. I actually found the pillow case (I got two of them) at Target on clearance for about $2.50. I bought them with the intentions of decorating them a bit. Which I finally did!
I used more felt that I purchased on Saturday, eyelinered myself some flowers, did a super fun stitch, then I grabbed the left over brown felt, made two small circles, and did ANOTHER fun stitch.
So there you have it. My craft project for the week. I love the pillows and I love that it is something I created. I'm pretty darn proud of myself!


Artsy Fartsy

This weekend, even though boyfriend and I are completely sick (some of us are now in the getting better stage...those of us that were the ones that brought the plague into the house in the first place - me), we have been completely productive. Call it the cool weather (98 degrees) or call it a need to be artistic, but we kicked some serious ass this weekend.

Saturday we picked up materials so we can make our own drum shade for our dining room light fixture. We also got materials so I could sew some pillows. I also found a pillow I liked at Target and picked it up for clearance cheap. One with pets can never have too many pillows.

There was also a trip to SalArmy where I scored some cool glass items - pictures to come. And Goodwill, where I scored some picture books on the cheap for my students. I'm going to be using a lot more picture books than I've ever used before.

Saturday afternoon I perfected my Midwesterner's tan and hung out in the pool while Jeremiah had a fellow musician over to play some music. The guy (Tom) plays...bass. They sounded great, even from outside. I'm not really worried about the neighbors complaining considering the going-ons of the neighborhood. I can't compete with stabby house, barking night and day house, or chain saw at five in the morning house. Those asshats (my new favorite word, borrowed from Jen Lancaster) had it coming. Anyway, boyfriend had fun.

Then today we sat around in our clean house, relaxing. Boyfriend played some music and cleaned the bathroom. I did some laundry, lesson plans, and...sewing. I sewed up a storm. Totally tried out some fun features on my sewing machine. Pictures to come.

Anyone else do anything creative this weekend?

P.S. It looks like my mom wins the AZ points. Purple sage was her guess and it looks like she might be right. One website claimed the sweet hay scent I liked so much wafting from the sage actually smelled like breast milk. I was a bit disturbed. I really don't want people to think that our backyard smells like juice squeezed from a boob (Friends, anyone?). I prefer to consider the scent as hay-like.


Seriously, What is This?

If you know what this is, you win a hundred AZ points. They aren't really worth anything. It's like an AZ driver's license or the speed limit signs. Just for show.

But seriously, what the flip type of shrub is this?
It is blooming like crazy and I love it and it smells like hay (which is weird - totally sweet smell, not at all floral). You can see that it is slightly powdery greenish/blue in color.
So please, help a sister out. If you can identify it, please do. De-lurk and tell me, just this once.

p.s. This week I worked on teaching my third graders how to tie their shoes. And we are learning our phone numbers and addresses. And lastly, we learned the hokey-pokey. You know, left & right, body parts, etc. That's really all I want to say about this week at school.


Holy Crickets, Batman

I've noticed an abundance of crickets in my classroom. They spray every summer while the kids and staff are gone, but I always get extra crickets. They heart me. And my bulletin board outside my room. And the metal sheet that covers my windows. They live there. They like to visit my students. My students and I? Do not love the crickets.

So today they sprayed after school. And HUNDREDS of crickets came pouring out from behind the board and sheet, covering the sidewalk and wall. Kids were screaming, staff & parents were congregating.

Seriously. Grossest. Thing. Ever.

It was like a horror movie.

I'm now locked in my room because they are trying to get in every time I open the door and even when it is closed they squeeze under it.

Oh No He Didn't, Part 2

The same week. Earlier, though. Jeremiah says he'll be staying downstairs for "just a bit longer" while I go upstairs to try to get some sleep as I am exhausted (first week back at work and all).

How long do you think a bit is? Do you think it is AN HOUR?

Because that is how long he was downstairs. Now remember, I was super tired. SUPER TIRED. I read a little, thinking he was coming upstairs.

Finished reading. Turned on a dimmer light so as to not be bothered when he comes upstairs.

Then it happens. I actually fall asleep. It usually takes me hours to fall asleep, but not this time. I was completely out. And then I hear this, stage whispered, "AAAATTTTIIICUUUUUSSSSSS! SPIIIIIIIIIIIKE!" and then, "TIIIIMMMMMEEE FORRRRRR BEEEEEDDDDDD!"

Okay. Are you kidding me?

But it gets worse. The hall light is turned on. So bright. The lights. He brings Dumb and Dumber in the room, crates them. Then he walks to the bathroom and turns on the glaringly bright lights before he even closed the door. The lights could light up Broadway. They are that bright.

And I am now completely awake. Boyfriend? He falls asleep in about ten minutes. I was up for two more hours.



Happy Tuesday

Did anyone else get called a jackass at work this morning?


No? Just me?


Why I Heart Boyfriend

So Jeremiah doesn't usually forward any emails to me. But he did send me this (and you can totally click on it to make it bigger):

So I followed the directions and emailed him back:
Did you see Jesus?

And then I get an email back from him:
Is that who that was? I thought it was a hippie. Yep, I did.

I love that he confuses the son of God with a hippie.

Well, actually, maybe Jesus was a hippie. He did, after all, have a love of carpentry and promoted peace and love. He wore sandals. I could totally see him hanging out with The Dude, who is sort of modern day hippie-ish.


Prom Knight & Another Sun Music

Here are two songs.

Just kidding.

But we are working on loading some of Jeremiah's old music up to the blog for your listening enjoyment. If you have any ideas, please share. The music is being hosted by another site, but I'm having trouble with the links, I think.

Ideally, a listener would be able to listen without having to download anything.

Seriously, suggestions? Please let me know.


Hey La-dies!

I love (LOVE) this picture. We were waiting in line (a couple fall seasons ago) for parking at a hiking place in Sedona. I love that boyfriend and dog match. Green shirt, green paisley collar.


4:45 A.M.

That is the time that I wake up in the morning so that I have time to exercise/workout before I go to work.


If you don't get up that early, we can't be friends anymore.


I just wanted you to know that. And also, don't call me past like, 8 p.m.

I'm already in bed.

Because early to bed and early to rise makes Emily a cranky (fill in the blank).


The Indestructable T-Shirt, or The Shirt That Wouldn't Die

Jeremiah has a shirt. You know the shirt from Seinfeld, "Golden Boy"? Jeremiah has a golden boy. It's actually golden in color. He's had it for as long as I've known him.

It's the ugliest t-shirt I've seen. The color is all wrong for him (side note: boyfriend doesn't seem to care about this quite as much as I do). He should be wearing blues and blacks and greys, not a fleshy yellow color. Ick.

It's gotten to the point where he knows he can't wear it in public - it is strictly a lounging around type shirt (side note: there was a lot of wardrobe changes when I came into the picture). But my problem is, the flippin' shirt is still here. In my house. Hanging in the closet. I have to wash it and look at it. I hate that shirt.

Always the good girlfriend, I started by beating around the bush and hinting (that's the secret to all good relationships, right?). Then I told it to him straight. Still nothin'. And I don't have the heart to send it sleepin' with the fishes because I know that I have some ugly ass clothes that make me feel cozy (I used to wear a shirt that said "hugs, not drugs" and "just say no" with a bright yellow and red chicken on the front. I loved it so much that when it was time to say goodbye, I had to take a picture of it before I could let go. I rest my case.). So me sending it packing is not an option.

I've even plotted against it. Maybe it got lost in the move(s)? No such luck. Four moves, the shirt lives on.
I sent it with the dogs when we boarded them, hoping that they would shred it like they shred everything else. Rugs, blankets, whatever...nothing is safe. We got it back, folded neatly, in mint condish.

The darn shirt won't die.

But here is where my hope lies. The point of my whole story (took me long enough, right?). Jeremiah wore that shirt outside and took it off and set it on a chair in THE SUN! This was days ago and golden boy is still there. Fading. Weakening. Its essence being destroyed by the bright hot sun in Phoenix.

I'll keep you posted but I want you to know that things are looking up. Golden boy might have met his match.

By the way, we don't have random clothes strewn about the patio. Just the one shirt and some beach towels hanging neatly. We have class. Sometimes.

And again, by the way...about my chicken shirt? I never once claimed to be cool. And I NEVER wore drug-free chicken shirt out in public. And if I can find the picture I will totally post it because if you are still reading this, you deserve a treat.

Update: The sun wasn't the culprit, but the shirt has completely biffed it. Jeremiah needed a new car battery so we took the old one in Subaru to get it checked first. I made him put something under the battery and the only thing around? Golden boy. Goodbye, you ugly yellow bastard.


Blinded by the Light

So it is officially...The First Day Of School! Holy Crap! I may actually vomit. For those of you that aren't planning on puking today, I post this, in your honor.

You might remember that I mentioned in a previous post that boyfriend had risked high-voltage for me by replacing an existing sconce with a NEW sconce. That took me months to pick out at the store. MONTHS. Here is the old sconce:
Stop. Stop yelling and fighting. Just send me an email and if you are the first reply I get you can have it. You don't need to fight over it. (Seriously, though. I hate these sconces. We have two more to replace yet.)

Anyway, here is the new sconce:
It's brushed nickel with a frosted glass. Me likey. Seriously a night & day difference.

Also, I've included a picture of a lamp base that I got at SalArmy for about two buckeroos and the drum shade I picked up at Ross for about two more dollars. So I'd like to introduce you to my four dollar lamp that I heart. Seriously.
I don't know for certain where it will go, but I think it was four dollars well spent.


Oh No He Didn't, or The Thief in the Kitchen , or Kitchen Etiquette

Yesterday night in my most tired state ever (I've started my first week back - no students yet, but still! It's never easy to come back) I rinsed my tupperware that had housed grapes for lunch that day. Then I set out the newly cleaned 'wares for today's grapes. That way, when up I gets in the morning, I don't have to do it then.

I'm smart like that, yo.

Imagine my surprise when I go downstairs (after exercising for nearly an hour) to have breakfast and finish making my lunch only to discover that boyfriend had taken my freakin' tupperware and used it himself. And then left.


Looks like it's Ricky that has some 'splainin' to do this time. Completely threw me off my game. I tried to explain why I was upset to the dogs, but I honestly don't think they cared. Typical males. I hate being outnumbered!

So anyway, I had to dig for a clean container and will now be completing a kitchen etiquette list for Jer-dog.

Because, also? Guess who doesn't exercise for almost an hour (in the wee hours of the morning)?

Boyfriend. The dude totally had the time to get his own tupperware.

p.s. please stayed tuned for "oh no he didn't, part 2" as we analyze Boyfriend's attempts to "quietly" come to bed after I've already hit the pillow. Boys. Boys. Boys.

p.p.s. please note that I can't be too snarky to the boy 'cause he hung my sconce yesterday (that took me months to pick out) while I was at work. Any guy that will risk taking some voltage for you is totally worth keeping.




On my way to work this morning, I got in the left lane because they are doing CONSTRUCTION (which, by the way, someone needs to tell these idiots that they should have done the work during the summer because now there are a trillion more people trying to get to and from the area) on the right lane and it merges to one lane. The left. Guess how many people (assholes) got out of their spot in the left lane when traffic stopped and drove as far as they could (sometimes only four car lengths) and then cut back over.


Five. It may not seem like a lot, but it is. Especially when it stops my heart each time and a string of profanities come out of my mouth like word vomit. What the heck makes you so important that you get to cut ahead of everyone else? Really? What are you going to that is more important than me getting to work on time? A drug deal? B&E?



Analyze This

Take a look at the picture. The whole family together on a canoe trip. Mummy is obviously the photographer here.
Did you notice that my brother is the only one that received a life jacket? What the heck. So I came up with two reasons that this could be.

1) Adam was, obviously, the favorite, or
2) I was fearless and/or stubborn and wouldn't put a jacket on.

Then Jeremiah introduced reason number 3...
3)Maybe Adam was the only one they thought might try to get out of the canoe.
(Pretty dead on considering boyfriend and brother have never met.)

p.s. I know I have a fem-mullet. It is NOT my fault that my hair didn't grow in right away and that when it did it totally grew on the sides and not on the top. I was all, "business in the front, party in the back" for quite awhile.


You Want Me to Eat WHAT?!, or A Comprehensive List of the Unusual Crap I Ate at Camp

Okay. So my whole travel philosophy is to try new things. Otherwise I can't complain (bitch) about how horrible everything is. So I do. I try new things. And I should preface the list by mentioning that I'm a pretty picky eater so this is my badge of courage.


1. I ate tofu. Grilled tofu. Not so bad, would be better chopped into smaller pieces. Perhaps a bit more sauce or whatever.

2. A prickly pear margarita. I had one. You know the rest of the story - I watched Spanish tv. So while the cactus margarita wasn't bad, I don't need to watch anymore Spanish tv.

3. Spring roll - too greasy.

4.Sushi - no kidding. With...eel sauce. And I've now had avocado on several occasions and I can say with confidence that I don't like it.

5. Several salads - But not typical salads. They weren't lettuce-y. They were a variety of veggies in sauces. Two with an orange glaze sauce, another that might have had some sort of Italian dressing and all were good. Every single one.

6. Zucchini - yes. Zucchini. And it was goooooood.

7. Shrimp. I try it every time we go to the restaurants where they cook right in front of you - and I never like it.

And I've discovered that I can eat onions without gagging. I guess I'm growing up. Wow.

So let's have it. Some audience participation. Or you can keep lurking, whatever. The grossest or weirdest thing that you've eaten. Mine is goose liver pate. Mom and Diana should remember that as well. Bleh. So spill it.


Video - Going Home

So I was totally going to post the video but now I am not. If you saw it in the three minutes that it was posted, good for you. I just didn't want my last name on the blog and the video has my last name. So sad.

Of all the craptastic things. I remembered to turn down the temp in my fridge at the end of the school year (turn up the temp?) but then quickly forgot about it...what with nearly cutting my finger off. So walking into my room I faced a filing cabinet of wilt-y papers and a moldy fridge filled with water. This is in addition to the cockroaches and crickets dead all over my floor. Shit Shit Shit. Welcome back.