It's a Bunch of B.S.

Last weekend Jeremiah went to get our basket by himself, as I'd been having some episodes with my muscles/joints lately and was exhausted (basket pick-up is at 7:00 on a SATURDAY).

Now, most of the time I recognize everything, even if it is something I've never eaten before (with the exception of the figs). Like, I recognized pomegranates, even if I had never consumed them in their original form.

Except last weekend after I woke up and came downstairs, there were these things...odd little round things. They were kind of cute, really. A big bag of them. I looked at Jeremiah quizzically and held one up in sort of a silent question.

Do you know what they were?

A big ass bag of...


Yes, the girl who can now eat tofu with a straight face and who will try just about anything (so long as it is not beef, pork, or squash) is terrified of brussel sprouts. Deceptively cute little buggers.

I was determined to try them.

So Jeremiah prepared them like this:

I made the picture extra big so it could be like you were right here with me, trying them and everything.

He used some EVOO and some Johnny's and to be honest...

I could not decide whether I was going to vomit or have seconds. Twenty-nine point two years of fear is a lot to deal with one night at dinner.

If you are like me and have never tried them before, they are meaty. They look like baby heads of lettuce but do not taste anything like lettuce. To me they taste slightly like a mix of peas, cauliflower, and broccoli. Just meaty. And I ended up not eating the outermost leaf and kind of scraping the insides out with my teeth.

Jeremiah loved them and said he would definitely eat them again.

I would probably eat them again, but request another vegetable alongside so as to not be restricted to one veggie that I only like in an okay way.

Thoughts on brussel sprouts? Is there another vegetable you hate? Love? Never tried?

P.S. You have not tried Johnny's, you are crazy and you are missing out. Deliciousness.

P.P.S. Every where I looked I saw brussels sprouts spelled differently. And so if you disagree with my spelling of it, I do not care. I probably disagree with it, too.


One Red Arm said...

I've tried both of these recipes and they are Great!



Emily said...

Thanks, Owen! We will have to try them out! Hope you and your family are doing well.

Lacie Josephine said...

I'm jealous! I love Brussel sprouts. Did you get Jerusalem Artichokes in your basket this week too? I did and I have no idea what to do with them.

Emily said...

We didn't get a basket this week, it was from a week ago or so. We just got around to using them last week.

No artichokes! I have actually never had one, except in a dip.

Lacie Josephine said...

Oh well that's a good idea. Maybe I'll make dip... or maybe I'll just put it off until they spoil because I am feeling lazy

Emily said...

When I am lazy I have Jeremiah do it. I suggest trying that route before letting those artichokes waste away. :)

DeAnne said...

When I was younger my brother and I use to eat pickled brussel sprouts all the time. Not sure if I could still eat the pickled kind.

Emily said...

If it was pickled as in, dill-flavored, I would eat the crap out of those buggers.