Finally! White Cabinets!!

Here's how it looked before:

When you look at the picture below, please ignore the messy countertop. That's not what it will look like when we're done. Keep in mind - mess is a part of a work in progress. But here are the cabinets! What a huge amount of work. I can honestly say that it was one of the biggest pains. Yeah, not my favorite DIY project. The garage was so hot, the cabinets took so many layers...Pain.In.The.Butt.
But now:

I know the picture quality isn't great (I've yet to master indoor shots.), but...I.Love.Forever.And I even got to pick out these handles for Jeremiah to put on the cabinets. Nice, right?

We still have a lot to do with regards to the kitchen. New island to be put up, old one to tear out, tile backsplash, diy light over the island, curtains/blinds on the window...so much fun!

P.S. The new island has been put together. Jeremiah is talking about pulling out the old island this weekend. Exciting! And scary! Maybe Halloween weekend isn't the best time to do electric work. Last Halloween weekend he fell and broke a rib...Maybe we should rethink this?


Sara P. said...

Looks great Emily! I like the handles too! Can't wait until everything is done! Also, glad to see you have a fire extinguisher:)

One Red Arm said...

Looks GREAT you guys! Good work.

Peace.Love.Life...in Arizona. said...

Thanks! And thanks for the comments, too!

Sara - Yeah, the fire extinguisher is out because we need a new one. That one is empty. Oops. :)

lindsay@adesignstory said...

Love white kitchens... great job!

Hope you'll come enter the big Target giveaway this week...