Odds & Weekends, Part 1

See what I did there with the title?

The other weekend while lunching on leftover Chinese food, Jeremiah choked.

It started out so simple - he coughed a little. This really ticks me off (yeah, hell, I know) because it interrupts a perfectly nice quiet meal - in my undies. Why was I in my undies (and a shirt)? Because it was freaking 115 degrees outside and the AC was set at 82 degrees inside and it was hot and we'd been out running errands and I was sweaty and gross and I didn't want to go upstairs to find comfy clothes. T-shirt and undies it was. He did it, too. So there.

And then suddenly he STOPS coughing (yeah, we're back to the story and also, sorry Chris if your son didn't tell you he almost died.). And he's got a hand on his throat/chest and he's not making any sounds. If you are a CPR/First Aid graduate (As all MI teachers are. They don't require it in AZ. Just sayin'.) you know that this isn't good.

So I asked if he was choking. I got a big nod.

I didn't bother with the other few questions because at this point I'm picturing him lying on the ground because I couldn't smoosh him in the gut enough. I'm picturing him lying on the floor while I'm calling for an ambulance. And I'm picturing the ambulance showing up and me being there on the floor trying to remove the chicken debris from Jer's throat with two barking dogs running all around me like crazy and all I'm wearing is my undies and a t-shirt and there's Chinese food everywhere and I'm thinking, "Damn. He can't die. I don't want people to see me like this. This is too Darwin Awards/White Trash. It won't end like this."

Eventually it loosened up and he started yelling at me to stop and then I hit him. Because all joking aside, it was terrifying. And then I sat down in shock, let the adrenaline make it's way through my system, cried a little, and ate my Chinese food.

It's Chinese food, people. You gotta eat it.

Although now I make Jeremiah eat in teeny tiny pieces.


Oh, Look! It's a Craft!

While I was in Michigan (yes, again, I know that I'm behind) my mom showed me some cool fruit fabric that she had. My mom is multi-talented. She's got skillz. She can sew, photograph, whatever. She MADE her wedding dress. Can anyone else boast that fact?

Didn't think so.

So anyway, she thought it'd be cool to make potholders. More for me. It was a beginner project. So far I've made a pair of jammy bottoms, curtains for two rooms, and pillows. I can rock a homemade pillow, for sure.

And now potholder. Yes, I made one. I got slightly frustrated at one point and ended up taking a time-out while my mom undid some stitching.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

First we gathered the materials. Fruit fabric for one side, the middle stuff (stuffing? batting? I don't know.), and jeans for the back. Plus some stuff that goes along the sides. Trim?

Please notice that I'm not calling this a tutorial. I'm just detailing my adventures. I'm a fly by the seat of my pants, cross my fingers, hope it works type of girl.

Anyway, here's what I/we used:

 Um, and then I was supposed to cut stuff evenly and straight. I suck at this. But for this it was extra important because the trim needs to cover all three layers so the whole thing doesn't come undone.
 Here's the finished product. I thought it best to leave out the shots of me crying and pouting after I made an oops (which my mom turned into an Aha!).

I thought it'd be cool to use the pocket part of the jeans (lots of jeans on hand because my mom makes RUGS. On a LOOM.) so I could slip my hand right in there while I used it.
I think it is pretty and I'm getting to the point now where I can use it and not think of how I had some stinky moments while sewing it. I did NOT like the trim.

Anyone else got crafty skills?


Basket Update

This is more just me declaring that I get good stuff at a great price. A bragging session, if you will.

For $45 we got seven dozen tortillas (corn and flour, various sizes), five loaves of bread, coffee cakes, and our usual fruits and veggies basket. The tortillas are DELICIOUS. The flour ones we use to make wraps or burritos for lunch. The small corn tortillas we use to make our own taco shells. Fresh taco shells. I can't even believe it as I type it. I never thought that we would enjoy making so many of the meals that we've been making lately.

We've been getting some asparagus, which is nice. I love that there is some variety, so we don't get too much of a build-up or get tired of the same old stuff.

I've got a post on the way showing you Jeremiah's taco making skills, but for now...

Anyone else get some sweet deals on their produce? Anyone have a recipe that includes spinach? Or a good banana recipe? Please share!


Headaches and Boobs

This morning before Jeremiah left to run some errands while I procrastinated on important stuff by blogging and pinteresting worked on my thesis and lesson plans he mentioned he had a headache. Being the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I suggested that he take some Tylenol before he left.

I hear him open the bottle and then say, "I don't think these are right...". He then examined the bottle and discovered that he almost took my vitamins for women. With extra calcium and whatever, to increase a variety of things, including breast health.

I told him he was welcome to the vitamins, but he chose to get all huffy instead. He grabbed his things and left while I was all laughing hysterically and wheezing, "Wait, wait! Don't you want a healthy chest?"

So, he might not be coming back.


The Fourth. Of July.


I'm waaaaaay behind on posting this. Like, two months.

My mom and I took our DSLRs outside on the fourth to play with sparklers. By adjusting the shutter speed on the camera, you can catch some cool images. Like these:

 One thing worth noting is that you have to write the letters backwards in order to get it to be correct for the camera. For example, you still start with the "L" in love, but you write it backwards. Takes some thought and some practice. I mean, for everyone else. I had it perfect the first time. I joke.

Really, I just wanted to show the cool pictures. I had fun and would love to try it again sometime. Probably not in Arizona. One spark touches the ground and the entire dried-up state will go up in flames. So I'll probably wait. Another year. Sigh.

Anyone else try fun things with their cameras? Have suggestions? Questions? Leave a comment!


Schoolin' & The Lake

For my final presentation in my research class, we had to give a brief introduction of who we were. We had to do PowerPoint, which I hate. I styled it up a bit and relied more on speaking than including my information in my slides. Which is technically how you are supposed to do PP anyway. Here's how I introduced myself:

I used Picnik for this. If you don't have Photoshop, this is a great way to do some special stuff to your pictures.

The point being, I went from being a Lake Girl (not to be confused with a Laker Girl) to a Desert Girl. Still sad about it to this day. I miss water constantly and I'm pretty sure that the ONLY reason I'm still here is because I have a pool that I can swim around and around while reading and drinking. And squirt gunning the dogs. Oh, and the sunshine everyday isn't bad, either. But I'm freaking done with the triple digit temperatures. You hear, that? Done.

While I was home (and dad was out being Ranger Robb) mom and I went out and took some pictures. Here's the lighthouse on the channel between White Lake and Lake Michigan.
 I love how the water sparkles and how it is endless. Water as far as the eye can see. Gorgeous.

In fact, I'm going to end on this positive note and not even get started on water safety and how dangerous the lake can be. Look at that. No lecture for you today.

Where's YOUR favorite place?


Ranger Robb

We've been enjoying the Labor Day weekend here in Phoenix as it was intended. Eating crappy food and relaxing. We got the supplies on Saturday. The supplies include hot dogs, soda, chips & dip, baked beans, and ice cream. I should point out that we only get turkey dogs, chips & dip, baked beans, and special drinks twice a year. That's it. Twice. Memorial Day and Labor Day. I told Jeremiah all day yesterday that I felt wrong for getting so excited about processed meat. Seriously excited.

Apparently my stomach didn't think the food was as great as I did. I don't think a stomach that is used to fruits and veggies can handle chip dip. Or potato chips, for that matter. Anyway...

SOME people are actually working today, and I'm pretty sure my dad is one of those SOME. My parents are both retired (as are Jeremiah's) but my dad went out and got a job working at the state park. He gets to wear a uniform and everything. Khaki, of course. Park rangers wear khaki. They call him Ranger Robb, which is fun to say. Try it.

We brought my dad dinner once while I was there and he took me on a picture tour of the park. I should mention that I've gone to this park for as long as I can remember. I grew up here.  I should also mention that I got some suweet shots with my SLR, but Jeremiah pointed out that people can lift my shots right off the blog and claim them as their own...so you only get to see the okay pictures and not the great ones. Because I don't know who you are. 'Cause you don't leave comments. Just sayin'.

Anyway, here's my dad, leading the tour...

"So if you look to your right, you'll notice..."
"Emily Brooke, get your ASS away from the nest!"
I saw this gigantic nest. Kind of freaked me out. I'm not entirely sure if it was still being used, but seeing as how I have a horrible tendency to be allergic to all things stingy or bitey, I decided to not stick around.

"Why are you stepping on that?"
I just liked the leaves. It's actually a weed, but I got in trouble a little bit when I smooshed one.

"And if you'll look up...Emily? LOOK UP! I'm trying to show you something!"
Swan feather. So pretty. My mom has pictures of the swan's feathers actually being used in nests by birds, but when we opened the house, there was a mouse that had taken over and jumped out at my dad. He may or may not have jumped back and screamed a little. Or maybe that was me. I have pictures of it, but again...

"Take the picture FAST. I think I heard the mouse coming back for me."
The next house had BABIES in it. I took two very quick pictures and left because babies need their mom and food, and I wasn't either of those things.

Ranger Robb reporting for duty!
Lastly, here's Ranger Robb driving the green thing. Freaking lucky duck, that looks like fun. He also gets a WALKIE TALKIE. I might have stolen borrowed his walkie talkie to talkie in a phoney baloney call. And I might have gotten the walkie talkie taken away from me. Oh, and a truck. He gets to drive a big manly truck around the park. Of course, he has to clean old-fashioned, hole-in-the-ground toilets, so maybe not so lucky.

So what are YOU doing for your long weekend?
This is the part where you hit the little comment button and tell me what you're doing this weekend.