Room updates! Or, Emily finally found a rug that she likes.

Here is Jer's music station. I'm sure he has a fancy name for it, but I'll just call it a music station. It isn't complete yet. I'm still planning on using a funky fabric or paper to look like a wall behind the stereo and drum to hide the wires. The rug (which I adore) was purchased at World Market and is made of jute.
Scout is loving the new setup, too. She has such good taste.
Here is a view from the top (isn't that a movie?). You can see that we divided the freakishly long room into two smaller rooms using the bookshelf. We doled out some moolah for the white boxes so we can store goodies without looking messy.
Here is the view of just the music area. We plan on adding/switching out the chair for a small (yet fun) couch or like I mentioned, adding another chair.

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