Thank You, Netflix

It isn't too often that I feel the need to express my gratitude to a large company, especially to a company that has raised its prices significantly out of pure greed.

But here goes.

Netflix, I just want to thank you for categorizing the movie "Ghost" in the Thriller category, when it most obviously should be placed in Romance. That way, when Jeremiah asked what movie we were getting, I was able to be like, "Oh, we are getting Ghost. Haven't you seen it?" He had not. "You will LOVE it." I said. "It is the absolute best romantic movie, oops, I mean, the best thriller movie."

And then Jeremiah was like, "Wait a minute..." when we were watching it.

So thank you.

Hugs & Kisses,

p.s. Dear Friends, two things. One, Jeremiah admitted at the end that it wasn't too bad. I was like, duh. I mean, Whoopi, Demi, and Patrick?! Classic. Two,  As I write this my weird neighbor (who was upset because his yard got wet) is using a leaf blower to clean off his patio. There are no leaves. Or anything. Just the ashes from his cigarettes. At this rate, Jeremiah and I will die of second-hand smoke as he is out there all the time and the wind always blows it into our yard.

p.p.s. Favorite Movie?? I will go first. And probably last. I could watch Grosse Point Blank a trillion times. "You know, I guess it's true what they say. You can never go home again...But I guess you can shop there." Ooh, or you could just put your favorite movie QUOTE.


Stephanie said...

Christmas Vacation

It's on the table said...

I LOVE any John Cusack, I have watched Pushing Tin a few times. True Romance is my favorite movie. Top Gun is the movie I have seen the most, "negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full".

Emily said...

Steph - I LOVE Christmas Vacation! Definitely one of my favorites. "Fried pussycat!"

Andrea - John Cusack is wonderful. I have not seen Pushing Tin, but I did see True Romance once for a film class I took. I remember wondering if the other students in the class were judging me as I covered my eyes. :)

Linda Roy said...

I want to do both, if I may. First, favorite movie: "What's Up Doc". Funny. Every. Time. Every scene seamless. And my favorite quote is from "Hannah and Her Sisters". "Why were there Nazis?" "How the hell should I know why there were Nazis, I can't even work the can opener."

Emily said...

Mod Mom - Thanks for you comment! I saw "What's Up Doc" in college. I mostly remember sitting on the floor squished in a tiny dorm room with people that I did not know very well. Maybe I should revisit the film. "Hannah and Her Sisters" is actually on the Netflix list. Can't wait!