I've got some stories still to share regarding Jeremiah and the hospital stay, but I have not really felt like revisiting that yet - I am sure that you understand.

Here is what we've been doing around the house:
  • Cleaning/Straightening up
  • Sanding the bookcases/Preparing them to be sanded (removing hooks, staples, etc.). Roles have been reversed with this, and I am doing the sanding, which means it is going slow and steady. Too much with the sander and it triggers my muscle/joint problem.
  • Trying new recipes - I made French toast stuffed with Biscoff and served with strawberries for Jeremiah on Sunday. We *might* get brave enough to try the spaghetti squash that came in our basket. Then again, maybe not. Also on the agenda - smashed potatoes.
  • A shit ton of laundry. I had not done any colored laundry since before school let out. I finally did it over the weekend. We almost had to revert to bathing suit underwear. Or go without. Jeremiah.
  •  I have been reading like crazy. 
  • Swimming
And here is what is on the goals list:
  • Laundromat to wash the larger rugs (then I can put the rug down in my room)
  • Buying at least one new rug for the kitchen
  • Maybe a rug for under the table in the dining nook?
  •  Priming & painting the shelves.
  • Hanging shelves, moving the bookshelves upstairs.
  • Tear apart my bathroom (it will be a half-gut, meaning I can still shower in there during the remodel but not tinkle) for the remodel (there will be several posts on this)
  • Paint picture frames, finish picture shelves & wall gallery.
  • Buy cover for chair in my room.
 Jeremiah is doing well. He still has some pain, but most of the bruising is gone. He is able to swim with me daily, but he can't submerge his head in the pool. He can't get too much sun either, so he is bringing back the bandanna. We just make sure he wears neutral colors when we go out.

What's everyone else up to lately?


It's on the table said...

I recently had spagetti squash cooked in coconut butter (?) with some sort of fancy spice mixture. Brought to my house by your brother. Some date-walnut-chocolate things too that he swore he helped make, but I think your mom really did it;)
Glad to hear Jeremiah is better, that was a scary Frankenstein picture.

Emily said...

I am curious if it tasted super squashy. Every time I bring up cooking the squash, Jeremiah starts to gag a bit. He looks like a hairless cat coughing up a hairball.

I do not believe for one second that Adam helped make the nut things. He is a liar.