Let the Demo'ing Begin!

Several months ago I bought a jacuzzi tub for the master bathroom.

I did. I really did.

For those of you that don't know me well, I am a bather. I mean, I hope you all bathe, too, but I really love the art of the bath. I am a batheur. I stock the cabinets full of bombs (of the fizzing variety), bubbles, gels, candles, and books. All for bath time.If there was an Olympic sport for baths, I would totally take gold.

I would. Really.

And I KNEW that MY (OUR) house would have a jacuzzi tub. I even set 1,000 aside from my tax return to buy one.

So imagine my delight when, while shopping at Lowe's, I spot a jacuzzi tub ON FREAKIN' CLEARANCE! There was a tiny imperfection in one bottom corner and it had been returned. Thousand dollar tub. On sale for five hundred.

Spoke to the manager who recognized us from when we bought the kitchen faucet and Jeremiah asked him if he could make the deal a little sweeter. Um, howsabout he took off an extra two hundred dollars? I got a thousand dollar tub for three hundred bones. Popped that big guy into the back of my swagger wagon and took it home. I love my Subaru.

But the tub? It is beautiful and wonderful and inspiring and brings tears to my eyes and it is sitting in the bedroom.

That's right. We hauled it yesterday from the garage to the bedroom.

I went upstairs after work today and Jeremiah has started tearing out the old tub - which is a "European Soaking Tub". Which is a bunch of crap, because I've been to Europe and I never saw this cheap-ass tub there. So if you want my old tub, it is on sale on Craigslist. I was hoping to move the soaker to the guest bathroom (which is where I shower, but not take baths - don't get me started) because it is newer and nicer but it doesn't fit - too big. I mean, it would fit, but we'd have to take out the toilet and I hate to be all whatever but I find a toilet to be a necessity. And a selling point when/if we move. "Like, here's our bathroom. We figured we didn't really need the toilet because we've got two others...but what do you think of the European soaking tub? It's authentic!". Um, no.  So the tub? We're selling it.

And I'm getting the new jacuzzi tub.

More details and pictures to come. Happy Monday, everyone.


One Red Arm said...

It sounds like you've turned Jeremiah into quite the handy man! Way to go!

Emily said...

He seems to be really excited about the destruction. It must be a guy thing. :)