You Want Me to Eat WHAT?!, or A Comprehensive List of the Unusual Crap I Ate at Camp

Okay. So my whole travel philosophy is to try new things. Otherwise I can't complain (bitch) about how horrible everything is. So I do. I try new things. And I should preface the list by mentioning that I'm a pretty picky eater so this is my badge of courage.


1. I ate tofu. Grilled tofu. Not so bad, would be better chopped into smaller pieces. Perhaps a bit more sauce or whatever.

2. A prickly pear margarita. I had one. You know the rest of the story - I watched Spanish tv. So while the cactus margarita wasn't bad, I don't need to watch anymore Spanish tv.

3. Spring roll - too greasy.

4.Sushi - no kidding. With...eel sauce. And I've now had avocado on several occasions and I can say with confidence that I don't like it.

5. Several salads - But not typical salads. They weren't lettuce-y. They were a variety of veggies in sauces. Two with an orange glaze sauce, another that might have had some sort of Italian dressing and all were good. Every single one.

6. Zucchini - yes. Zucchini. And it was goooooood.

7. Shrimp. I try it every time we go to the restaurants where they cook right in front of you - and I never like it.

And I've discovered that I can eat onions without gagging. I guess I'm growing up. Wow.

So let's have it. Some audience participation. Or you can keep lurking, whatever. The grossest or weirdest thing that you've eaten. Mine is goose liver pate. Mom and Diana should remember that as well. Bleh. So spill it.


Diane said...

Didn't you also have some weird stuff in the tapas place when we were in Spain?

Diane said...

This isn't weird but I have decided I'm addicted to Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish Grill in Grand Rapids. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Diane said...

How about the avacodo pie (or maybe it was cheesecake) we had in Cozumel?
Also - I'm certain I've had some food in Greece that really wasn't what I was told it was.

Diane said...

So, today at lunch the teachers I was training were talking about the Candied Bacon Ice Cream at Mia & Grace - btw, we never made it down there when you were here.

Anonymous said...

After long thought, I've figured it out. Wheat Grass. It was strange to me.
I will eat sushi...(sashimi)the raw stuff. I love it. Some may think that is weird or gross.