Yesterday we returned from doing some things and I was in the bathroom when I heard an incredible thud. Super loud. I peek out of the bathroom and see Jeremiah lying on the floor with his legs trapped in the pants that he was trying to take off. The dogs are running around him and he is looking confused, sick, and sheepish, all at once.

Incredulously I ask if that noise I heard was him.

The response was yes and hadn't that ever happened to me before, getting my legs caught in my pants?

No, babe. It hasn't.

I suppose I should have gone over and offered assistance or even just asked if he was okay but I was blinded by tears and couldn't catch my breath, what with all the hysterical laughing.

p.s. Typing at this point is slow-going because I am reliving the event and tears are cascading down my face. I just wanted to mention two things. One, in his defense, he's still sick and I'm sure his equilibrium is off. Two, we're being crafty/house-y this weekend, so I'll take lots of pictures.

Lovesies you.


Di said...

Oh my gosh!!!! This reminds me of the time you fell of the side of the bed in some small town in France and got stuck in your suitcase!!!! Funny and a great laugh! Thanks for the story! (I'm sorry I can't seem to stop using exclamation points...)

Emily said...

I TOTALLY remember that! Thanks for the comment! I remember the fall into the suitcase as well. Big suitcase, big fall. And I remember YOU laughing at me and taking a picture of it. Good to hear from you!