Sickies x Two

I know that I always hope and pray joke and say that I want Jeremiah to get sick just once. Just once.

But that's a joke.

And I know that I always say that I cough on his toothbrush, sneeze on his pillow, and generally contaminate everything he touches. So he can finally understand my sickies.

But that's a joke, too.

And now boyfriend is sick. Suck.

As we all know, men are BABIES when it comes to being sick. I mean, oh my gosh. Sorry babe, but it's true. I'm wishing I could take back all my hoping and praying that he would just once understand my sickies.

Nothing is getting worked on this week. If our house was color-coded by a sickness threat level, we would be level red right now. Don't leave your toothbrush unattended at our house. Don't watch anyone's toothbrush for them.

p.s. I am listening to people scuffling along on the sidewalk outside my room. Do people not know how to PICK UP THEIR FEET anymore?

p.p.s Jeremiah said to me, "Remember that time I was sick in California for over a month?" While trying to prove that he wasn't always healthy (that was five years ago, by the way). He's dubbed it, "The Time I Lost My Singing Voice", which made me laugh until I coughed up some stuff. Jeremiah has NEVER been able to sing. And if you are sick for a month and don't go to the doctor, that's your own fault.

p.p.p.s. Um, I went to the doctor and was basically right. Caught something from one of my students, it sat around in my unworking sinuses, and turned into a bacterial sinus infection. Which is the worst kind. There's actual pus involved.  And lots of pressure. And then some more pus. Lots of it, actually.

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