Gross. Go ahead and put this under "Too Much Information" as well.

I just went to the bathrooms at work. I might be procrastinating but only a little. Upon sitting down, I discovered that the floor was covered with hairs. I'll leave it at that. The bathrooms don't get cleaned again until school starts so it's been a good two months of regular usage without being cleaned. I turn around to flush (staying on my tiptoes because the floor is so dirty) and there is a cockroach the size of a jetliner lying on the floor, belly up. Twitching slightly. It's like peeing in a port-a-potty. At a summer concert. With Cousin Itt.

Out of four stalls, there are now only two that I can use due to my apparently outrageous desire to tinkle somewhere that isn't bug infested and hair-covered.

On a not-so-disgusting note, I have completed my presentation slides. I'm ready to give it tomorrow evening. I've also adjusted to being back to work somewhat (see above if you're confused about this). So what's left on the big stress list?

  1. Actually presenting my proposal
  2. Finishing my thesis proposal
  3. Welcoming back my students in 2 days
  4. Preparing for my students
Cross your fingers. And if you get to pee in a clean bathroom while at work, be thankful.

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