Something grosser than yesterday's post

I take little breaks during my high stress days. This post is brought to you by one of those breaks. And it's gross, keeping with the theme of things.

So you know how normally when I get stung/bitten by an ant, I swell up? Remember the pictures I've shared? Not being able to walk or use my arm? I mean, depending on the location of the bite. On a regular day I can usually use my arms and legs.

I got another bite this weekend, except it wasn't the same type of ant. This guy was a bit bigger and it hurt like fire. The other bites hurt too, but this was a little different.  Like someone taking a needle, putting a lot of poison on it, setting it on fire, and then poking me. In my elbow pit.

And it immediately swelled and turned red, but only slightly, not like the others.

The next morning though, I was treated to this:

Objects in picture may appear smaller than they actually are.
That's a pus-filled lump, people. How gross is that? My greatest fear in life is bugs living under my skin, so this was horrifying to me. Spiders crawling down my arm, under my skin, down into the thin skin on my hand, stretching it out, ripping the skin...I just scared myself. Just a little.

And while I logically knew that nothing was living in my arm, I couldn't let it be. I washed it thoroughly and popped it. I put some of the stuff in the brown bottle on it. You know the stuff? I'm doing okay. For future reference, I don't care for pus-bumps. Or ants.

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