First Day Jitters or, Do They Make Coordinating Leashes & Jammies?

Presentation? Done.

Proposal? Done.

First Day of School? Done.

I'm going to go home and collapse now. After I make some copies. I'm freaking exhausted.

p.s. I should mention that I had another night terror last night. I'm pretty sure Jeremiah is the luckiest guy ever. Actually, I'm pretty sure that if HE was ever to have a night terror I'd pee my pants when he started screaming and then I'd sleep somewhere else. Not near him. So maybe he isn't so lucky because the whole thing is a bit terrifying. And confusing. Mostly confusing because I wake up thinking, "Why aren't I lying down?" or "Why aren't I in bed?" or "Why am I standing here pointing at the carpet?" (This was Jeremiah's personal favorite, The Carpet Episode.) or "Spiders on the headboard? We don't have a headboard." And it makes my heart race like crazy. I was apparently ranting about spiders (again) and having to get up because it was early. I was also sitting up and moving around. Because, you know, even while one is sleeping exercise is important. The only thing I actually remember is him turning on his cell phone to see the time (this is actually what woke me up) and I remember saying something about making choices. Spider choices, I guess.

I asked him later today why it doesn't freak him out when this happens and he said it was because I was awake - my eyes were open, I was talking.


I then informed him that I'm not actually awake when this happens and there was a bit of silence. Then he said, "Well, shit. We're going to have to get you a leash.".

Nice, babe.

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