Jeremiah, Part 1

For those of you that aren't aware, Jeremiah had a craniotomy last week.

If you are feeling brave, go ahead and Google that.

If you are feeling super brave, do that and then do an image search.

For the rest of us, a craniotomy is where they slice open the scalp, pull it down, and then saw open the skull.

Just the basics for now:
He is now home and doing well.
They removed most of the tumor that was growing in the eye socket/heading toward the frontal lobe.
It is benign.

Oh, and he wanted me to take pictures. So here goes. These are from his first day out of ICU.

More details later.


Stephanie said...

Glad he is doing well. Sad that I already knew what it was. He didn't get a cool zigzag scar like the cranio kids do. :)

Emily said...

Thanks Steph. I think he is okay without the zigzag scar. :)

It's on the table said...

Wow! That is bananas! Glad he's doing fine though.

Emily said...

Thank you! He is doing really well.