It's a Beast!

 The other day I was modeling ways to create fractions.

When I was in school, I HATED fractions. But teaching them? Love. So different from when I was in school. This is much more hands-on, which I think is important. Also? Much more fun than worksheets.

Anyway, after doing 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8, it was time to cut out thirds. "I want to warn you," I told the students "thirds are beastly. They are much more difficult than halves, fourths, and eighths."

Student hand goes up.


"Teacher? That is your opinion!" a student triumphantly points out (We were also working on facts and opinions).

I acknowledged that yes, that was my opinion, and we delved into thirds.

After a few seconds of folding and cutting, it was agreed by all.

Thirds were beastly.

Most of them got it eventually, so we moved on to the sixths. "If you think that thirds were beastly" I warned, "wait until you see the sixths!"

A student from the back stands up, stretches and shakes his arms skyward, and bellows (with his thick Hispanic accent) "Teacher? SHOW US THE BEAST!"

It's why I teach, friends.

Just out of curiosity -  What was your worst subject/topic/thing to learn in school? Mine was that I could NOT tell time. Stupid clocks.


Jeremiah said...

I like that story!

Lacie Josephine said...

That's too cute! At least your students are enthusiastic! My worst was & still is MATH.

Emily said...

I know you are psyched to see a post that is not leaning towards A: crazy or B: mean.

You are welcome, Boyfriend.

Emily said...

They are! I have such a great group this year. Math is indeed a beast.