Bargain Saturday

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Call it back to school blues, call it cabin fever, call it whatever. There's been brooding and moodiness and all sorts of stuff. So ignore the funk.

What I really want to share is some serious bargains I scored this weekend. Jeremiah's exciting purchases were limited to new bike wheels and a toilet kit. My buys were endless...and so cheap.

Apparently I'm going backwards or mixed-up, so here goes. My second stop was Pier 1. Love Pier 1. Especially when they have these glass tea lights on clearance. Sixteen tea lights (which can be reused with new tea lights when the current ones burn out) for under five dollars. They'll be perfect for a nice dinner or scattered on the mantle.
Now go back in time to Salvation Army with me. I got this canister for about a buck. Perfect for sugar, which seems to go quickly what with the hummingbirds and Jeremiah's tea habit. Probably not the original reason for the canister (I'm thinking coffee), but for us, it's the sugar.
I also found the exact replica of the Rubbermaid container that I was trying to convince my mom to give me this summer as she packed it up to go to the new house. About a buck. And we love Jell-O here, so this is a good buy.
And this bowl/dish? SalArmy. Could be used as a centerpiece. See below? Or as a fruit dish...Love it.
The glass vase came from Poland! $3.50.
Finally, while at SalArmy, I saw these glasses:
Not exactly my style, but I couldn't step away. They had a funky snake design imprinted on the bottom. They were on sale for $3.50. I used my new phone to google the glasses. Guess what? They sell for about $25 a piece. So I snatched them up.

Those are my bargains. It doesn't always work out that I find so many great deals, but when it does, it is fun. So fun. Nerdy bargain-y fun.


One Red Arm said...

Nice work! I've been following your blog since Jeremiah was up to visit a while back. Hope all is well in the AZ.



Diane said...

What incredible finds! Not only do I have the exact same tupperware mold but I also have the exact same bowl. I'll take a picture tonight and send it to you.

Peace.Love.Life...in Arizona. said...

Thanks, Owen. I noticed that you started a blog - hope you are enjoying it!

Mom - can't believe we have the same bowl...bet yours didn't come from Salvation Army?

Diane said...

No, my bowl didn't come from SA - but I was trying to remember where. Probably Target, maybe Crate and Barrel.