Hug My Flower With Your Eyes

Oh, Kimya Dawson. Your music is so true.

The title of the post, if you aren't aware, is from her song Tree Hugger. Love that song.

Enter the two story saguaro cactus that tipped over during a storm. And died.  You can read more about it here and how we got rid of it here and here. Seriously, it was a sad day. So we saved the arm. We put it in a pot with the three-eared bunny (another cactus that was small at that time but is now so big it needs to be moved). Now, a year and a half later, the cactus is blooming. Dead, but blooming. Boy, they sure hold water well, right?

I just thought it was a nice little bit of pretty in an otherwise stark desert landscape.

And because it is a flower. On a cactus. I found it fitting to tell you this:

And the rattlesnake said,
"I wish I had hands
so I could hug you like a man."
And then the cactus said,
"Don't you understand,
My skin is covered with sharp spikes
That'll stab you like a thousand knives.
A hug would be nice,
But hug my flower with your eyes."
 -Kimya Dawson, Tree Hugger

And because you are reading this online instead of physically being here, hugging the flower with your eyes is your only option. Hug away, friend. Hug away.

p.s. I'm actually away at tech camp in Tucson this week. It's full of campy fun. Oh, wait. No. It's fun, but not campy. More details when I get a second to breathe. And the instructor quits giving me dirty looks. Yikes.


Jeremiah said...

Great pictures. Great story.

Dirty looks from the instructor? Pay attention and NO talking in class!

Lacie Josephine said...

Pretty flower! Your little piece probably grew some roots. It's bizarre but a lot of the cactus here in AZ do that. You can chop off a piece and if it's touching the dirt it'll just start growing roots.

Emily said...

Thanks, Lacie! We would love it if it took root!