Finally! Internet at home!

Here we have our slightly messy kitchen. It does, however, show off the nicely painted new floor and the new microwave. Anyway, no judging. We just moved in.
My ten dollar dining room table that I threw in the back of my Subaru. I found it at a yard sale in the ghetto. Plus, the chairs are so pretty.
Okay, I cropped this picture because I was on the couch and I looked like a slob. Both the couch and tv center thing were donated to me from a friend at work. The tv thing will be sanded and painted. We are seriously searching for rugs!
Okay. This is one room that looks quite different. We've moved the big bookcase from its spot in these pictures to create two smaller rooms. It now comes out into the room. It acts as a divider. We've yet to find a rug for either area.
These chairs, which I love, love, love, were only ten dollars each. They are cute and comfy and if we ever get something we like better, they can head outside.

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