Who moved my cheese?

Not my cheese, but seriously, I can't find anything else. Jeremiah JUST found his digital camera this weekend (we knew it was safe, just not where it was safely hidden), but we have yet to find the card reader so I can load up the pics onto my computer at work. There has been lots of beautiful progress, you just can't see it yet. Poo.

Things I would like to find:
card reader
my jewelry
many cosmetic items
the notepaper - this completely throws me because I CONSTANTLY make lists!
pencils & pens - see above

Oh, look! I've found all of these random things:
the skull
all of my candles
Twilight (so I can reread before the movie comes out)
my Tocade perfume (it's my signature fall scent)

I've even found things I didn't know we had. For example, I found a pasta grabber-thing that must belong to Jeremiah and a decorker and a grapefruit spoon (we don't eat grapefruit) and a sheet of glass and on and on and on.

Ooh, and on the agenda for tonight is wall washing to prep for priming, which comes tomorrow. Ah, the glamorous life. Eat your heart out. You can use the grapefruit spoon if you'd like.

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