Washin' and Hopin'

Three things. One, the washer and dryer arrived. Hence the "washin'". I know I sound like I should head back to the fifties, but I love my washer and dryer. I love doing laundry. Things start out dirty and they come out fluffy and smelling so nice. Sigh.
Plus, I painted the laundry room. The entire house - including doors, hinges, ceilings, etc. are painted a horrible yellow-y beige color. I'll be repainting everything. EVERYTHING. The door is the original builders bellow (that's beige yellow). The rest of the room was primed and painted pale sage with the trim primed and ready to be painted cottontail (a fancy white). If possible, I now love laundry even more.

Lastly, the hopin' refers to the fact that I am officially sick. blech. Here's to hopin' that I can get better. I was sick last month. I feel like I deserve a break, you know?

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