Just an update on our house, post-Scout:
I'm sitting here typing this and even as I type I still think I see Scout out of the corner of my eye...lingering on the stairs, readying herself to hop on the table to eat, or even trotting over to see what's up. I miss her every day. Would she want me to be sad? No, she usually sat with me in bed when I was upset or sick, but she was such a stinker she would definitely want attention and not to be forgotten. For now she is on the mantel and we are going to be doing some things in honor of her in the yard. A nice tree or shrub, perhaps. By the way, the picture slide show isn't working on Firefox but works if played on Internet Explorer or Safari.

My spirits were uplifted when Jeremiah came home last week and surprised me with some orange lilies. I read someone's comment online on a blog about how each month they get flowers from their husband. Not an expensive bouquet, just something small and simple. Another chickie commented that she and her husband surprise each other each month - he picks up a bouquet of flowers from someplace (like Trader Joe's, which has cute & inexpensive flowers) and she picks up a unique beer for him to try. Interesting. So we may be starting this, I'll let you know. Anyways, here are my flowers. The mantel/fireplace isn't finished yet, so ignore the temporary random candle and blue painter's tape.

I put them in a glass milk jug. I like the simpleness of it and I don't often see actual vases that I like. Here's a close-up:

They have been long- lasting and the buds are now almost all opened. Great way to add a bit of color to the room.

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