Road Trippin' It to Tucson

Tucson flew by. Seriously, it was a quick week. I made a movie (!) and won a classroom of laptops for a month - one for each student. So it was a good week.
On Thursday a friend/coworker and I went for a walk on one of the resort's trails. I spotted the above bird on the way back and I'm pretty sure it is either a female cardinal or a pyrrhuloxia. Say that three times fast. Or even once. Typing it was even troublesome.
View from the path. Gorgeous, non? So much prettier than the mountains in PHX.
Then there was this pretty bird. BRIGHT yellowish-orange. He was either some type of oriole, not a midwestern variety, or he was some type of warbler. But I don't think warbler, because he was livin' large, you know? If you know, feel free to comment. Or lurk. Go ahead.
Hawk on the pole. Bird on a wire.
The maze.
The resort was nice, it was the second time the conference was held there. The rooms are all in little clusters - all outside. A little like rich people camping.
More views.

And that was my trip to Tucson. Not the city so much as a resort visit, but fun all the same.

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