So, Seriously?

People are greedy.

I was looking at my transcripts because someone had suggested that I might qualify for a reading endorsement. Nice. So I can't determine and I call the ever-so-helpful dept. of ed. here in AZ. You know, my favorite state EVER?

First of all, I think I was hung up on. Just once, so I consider it a good day. I call back and the lady tells me she will pull up my transcripts to help me out. I look. She looks. Then I ask if I'd be able to qualify. Her response? Are you ready? "I can't tell you that over the phone. We're not going to tell you if you would qualify. You have to fill out the application and then we will let you know."

I would have to pay $60 just to find out if I qualify. Really? REALLY? Do you know how many fees I've had to pay? First I was on Emergency status (because they wouldn't accept a MI certificate, which is BULL because I worked super hard on it) so I had to pay. Then I had a temporary certificate and I had to pay. Then I had to pay because I had to become qualified to teach the Spanish speaking students. Then I had to pay to remove the deficiency. Then I had to pay to get a standard certificate. Do these people even LIKE teachers?

So wait, because sometimes I'm slow. I already get paid itty bitty amounts and I am taking a cut next year. Plus, I have to pay for all my classes to continue my education. Plus I have to stay "highly qualified" and pay to stay that way, and now you are milking me out MORE money? GREEDY GREEDY PEOPLE.

Now, if I knew that I would qualify, I would totally pay. Walk me through my transcripts, lady, help a sister out.

This is why I:
1. Dislike AZ. 2. Often contemplate taking my genius self elsewhere.

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