So Freakin' Haunted.

In the middle of the night, I heard a weird noise that managed to wake me from a not-so-super-deep sleep. I nudged Jeremiah repeatedly until he woke up and when he did, I made him listen.

It was the strangest noise. It was constant, not a drip or beep or whatever.

He got up, looked around upstairs, went to the stairs, listened.

Are you ready?

The buzzer.

On the stove (yes, our stove has a buzzer. ha ha. our stove is old, I know.).

Middle of the night.

And I know people are probably thinking, anything could have set it off. Maybe we bumped or reset it before we went to bed. But the timer can only go 60 minutes at a time (ha ha again. old stove). There is no way either of us did it.

Jeremiah comes back to bed all, "huh. That was weird. Wonder what happened?"

And I was all, "Ghosts, the freaking things are haunting the house. I TOLD you this before."

Freakin' ghosts haunting my house.

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