Big Brother or The Price of Nuts

For those who were unaware, my brother became my first official house guest! Am I surprised? Yes. Never in a million years would have guessed it. But we had fun watching Teen Wolf and eating frozen yogurt. He stayed for a week and it flew by.
Spike thought he was in heaven. First of all, he was raised by a man and his son, so he automatically flocks to guys. He got to ignore me even more than usual, so he was psyched. Adam threw the ball for him all day, which he loved. They're besties.
After we picked up my brother from the airport, we sat around talking for awhile. After, I asked Jeremiah what he thought of my brother. He laughed.
Conversation 1:
J: He's nice.
J:But nothing. He's nice. I like him.
J:Well, it's not easy following a conversation with the two of you.
E:Baffled What do you mean?
J:You're kind of all over the place.
E:Indignant exhale at this point, but I'm not sure how it would look spelled out here. What are you talking about?
J:Okay. So what did you two discuss while we were downstairs?
E: Hawaii.
E: Which parent we look like.
E: Farts.
E: Hats
J: And?
E: The animals.
E: The price of nuts.
J:I rest my case.
E: sighs with defeat

So apparently we are a little off-task, but I thought we communicated beautifully. Adam and Jeremiah got along and discussed beer, among other things, as conversation tends to swerve all over. I have a much better idea that my conversational skills might be inherited. Along with my Polish nose.

Conversation 2:
Adam: patiently explaining to Jeremiah You see, we've got the Polish nose.
E: Nods sadly, lowers head
A: You can see right up it without me tipping back my head. Points to nose to demonstrate.
E:Well, Jeremiah has a Polish nose, too.
A & E: Brother & sister examine said nose for Polish qualities. Jeremiah gets uncomfortable.
A: Yeah, but his is different. 
E: Yeah, it's big. Like, long. Not a wide pig nose like we have.
A:That's right. His is big, but you can't see up it unless he tips his head back.  

I should mention that I'm not at all uncomfortable or disliking my nose at all. We're quite comfortable with our features. Well, I don't love my thighs but other than that, I'm good. Bodies just make for good conversation, am I right?

I should also mention (in case my brother is coming to stay with you) that he is a great house guest. He didn't make a mess and even offered to help in the kitchen. One time he did stick his butt near me while I was reading, fart, and run away, but I'm guessing he wouldn't do that to anyone else...

And he brought nuts to snack on, which is great because the price of nuts here is OUTRAGEOUS.

p.s. Anyone else hosting any guests? What do you do to make them comfortable? I warned Adam of dry itchy skin and headaches due to being in the desert. I told him to drink water. My gift to him.


It's on the table said...

Aahh, Adam. I can't believe how long it's been since I have seen him. Glad to hear you had a good visit!

Emily said...

Thanks, it really was a nice visit.