The Fourth. Of July.


I'm waaaaaay behind on posting this. Like, two months.

My mom and I took our DSLRs outside on the fourth to play with sparklers. By adjusting the shutter speed on the camera, you can catch some cool images. Like these:

 One thing worth noting is that you have to write the letters backwards in order to get it to be correct for the camera. For example, you still start with the "L" in love, but you write it backwards. Takes some thought and some practice. I mean, for everyone else. I had it perfect the first time. I joke.

Really, I just wanted to show the cool pictures. I had fun and would love to try it again sometime. Probably not in Arizona. One spark touches the ground and the entire dried-up state will go up in flames. So I'll probably wait. Another year. Sigh.

Anyone else try fun things with their cameras? Have suggestions? Questions? Leave a comment!


Stephanie said...

LOVE the pics!

Lacie Josephine said...

I miss being able to go buy fireworks!!! Very cool pictures. That's talent I'm pretty sure I'd never be able to get love backwards.

Emily said...

Thanks, Steph! Lacie, thanks! I'm sure you could do it! Just takes a second to get the hang of it.