I Found Them!!

Every year, I have a family member that gives me Easter treats that are shaped like an egg, sunny-side up. They are gummy treats. They are probably the best gummy candy EVER. I discovered that they are available at Harry & Davids, which was fantastic. I had big plans on how this year I was finally going to score some extras.

And then?

Harry & David went out of business. They aren't at the Scottsdale Mall anymore. And that was the only one in Arizona.

Sad all day. 

Then, while perusing my local World Market, I saw these:

I bought two bags on the spot. They lasted a week. They are a low-fat treat, so I am not too concerned. I hinted to Jeremiah that they would be the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday week treat, anniversary present, etc. and that he better get his ass back to the Market to get some more.

So if you are reading this, Jeremiah, consider THIS to be your friendly reminder.

For the rest of you - if you like gourmet, peach-flavored gummy treats, you best go buy some. Pronto.

What is YOUR favorite candy?


DeAnne said...

I thought there was a Harry and David at Chandler Fashion Square.

Emily said...

Maybe? But when I did a search for Harry & David in the state of Arizona, it came back negative. I would LOVE to be wrong, though.