It's the Holiday Spirit. Arizona Style.

Today I waited patiently with my blinker on for a parking spot that was almost two miles away from my destination - Costco. It was so far away that I knew I was going to get thirsty on my walk/journey to the store so I packed a water. I also contemplated getting the journey turned into a trilogy a la Lord of the Rings. Only Frodo has had a rougher journey than the one that I was prepping myself to endure.

And then? A car whipped around the corner and tried to take my spot. I got it, but they sat there and honked at me.

At me.

For a spot that I had waited for. For a long time I waited. And it wasn't even a good spot.

To the asshat that made me feel guilty for taking a spot that I had waited for?

Bite me. And then Happy Holidays!

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