One sticky and mean motor scooter

Repeat the following phrase: I will NEVER use linoleum anywhere in my house EVER.
That adhesive gunk underneath does not come up at all. We used harsh chemicals. Actually, Jeremiah used the harsh chemicals. I patched up the concrete (wearing a mask, of course) in other spots of the house. The chemicals tore up the top layer of adhesive, but left us with a tacky layer of funk. I checked websites. One stated that this (the laying of the linoleum) is the one time that you hope the workers skimped and didn't do an effective job because it makes tearing it up easier. Yeah, this might be the one place where they didn't skimp on quality. Tons of glue. I've included some pictures of this craptastic process, as well as my handy patchwork. I've found my niche with the patching, I tell ya. I'm the Rainman of patching. Just give me that flat thing, some patch stuff and my ipod and I just go.

The photos show the layer of adhesive, me picking up the adhesive layer after Jer has put the chemicals on it, covered it with plastic, and scraped it loose, one picture of the sticky funky goo, and then of course, my handi-patchwork.

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