Reconfirming My Fear of Clowns

In honor of Halloween, we've been netflixing scary movies. Both Poltergeist and Saw had evil clowns, which just goes to show that nothing good can ever come from having a clown around. So there.

I'm experiencing a surge in productivity with regards to preparing things for our move. We've coated the floor with a glossy sealant. I called and got both puppies into the groomers and reserved a Uhaul truck. This way the dogs will be out of the way when we are loading things up and into the new house. Plus, they should look and smell better than when we dropped them off.

For all those that love a bargain...I got 20 cents knocked off the rate per mile on the truck due to a bad experience that I had last time at Uhaul. I mentioned that we were going out of our way (by a mile) to avoid a different Uhaul store (with the bad service) and he appreciated that we were staying with the company and offering his store our services.

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