Death of a Cactus

Sadly, our cactus met his fate. During the storm of '10. It was about two weeks ago-ish. It was a Thursday. Night. Stormy. Rainy. Windy. I thought of me mum telling me that I should park my car in the garage in case the cactus fell. I sort of thought, "yeah, right". After all, how many tipped over saguaros do you see on the side of the road? Well, in Michigan, none. But none here, either. And we do have saguaros. Anywho, we were watching a movie. Charlie Wilson's War. When the movie ended, we did our nightly ritual of checking to make sure that everything was all locked up tight. It's my OCD ritual, but Jeremiah willingly takes part. He checks the front door. As he is checking the screen I ask him jokingly if the cactus is still up (we had heard a low BOOM during the movie). He turns to me with huge bug eyes and says, "NO!". Holy Moly. He wasn't kidding, people. The cactus had, in death as he did in life, treated us kindly. He fell in the only clearing possible. Didn't hit our cars. Or the garage. Or the house. Or the neighbors cars. Or the street sign. Or the pole. Just went down. I believe there was some Subaru intervention, too. Cacti do not fall on Subarus.

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