Frosty Windows Make Good Neighbors

These pictures are going backwards, and I'm not going to fix it. I will, however, start my story at the beginning. I decided that I didn't like the window in the laundry room. As the sole laundry-doer, it was up to me to make some changes. I knew I didn't want to put the ugly venetian blinds back up after I had painted the room, but I didn't know what to do. Then I saw another house blogger try frosting a window and thought I would give it a whirl. I figured I could do it - with some help from boyfriend. These pictures document the process. Backwards. With my NEW camera. Hot Dog.

So in the top picture I am cutting the edges of the frosty stuff from around the window. In the picture directly above and the one below I am cutting and measuring, respectively. This started out as SOMEONE else's job, but you all know the saying. If you want something done right...

Then we arrive at the beginning. Jer measuring and wipin' the window clean for me.

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