Ou est la Green Day musique?

Emily says: Can you get me your Green Day cd so I can let my dad hear it?

Boyfriend: Sure. Where is it?

E: In my car.

B: In the correct case?
note: It drives Jeremiah MAD when I don't put cds in their correct cases. Makes him super nervous. One time he reorganized ALL my music in alphabetical order. It lasted all pretty-like for about a week.

E: No.

B: sighs and heads to the garage. Returns minutes later, all shaky and looking pained.

E: Hey! You found it!
Notice that I'm completely happy and don't see anything wrong. CD has been found. All is good.


E: Was it in a case, protected?

B:Yes. But not the right case. The Green Day case was on the floor in the back.

E: Yeah, but I bet I closed it to keep the dust out, right?
So proud of myself for closing the case.

B: You shouldn't even take your music anywhere. Let me make copies of everything and hide the originals so that they don't get ruined.

I don't think boyfriend will let me borrow his cds anymore. Ever. Or even my cds. I've lost cd privileges. So sad.

On another completely separate random note: I got a pedicure today and it is simply DIVINE. If zebra stripes are wrong, I don't want to be right.

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Diane said...

Two OC people in the same house? Yikes!
Can't wait til you get here!!!