The Polish are Coming!

So I collapsed into the couch in a heap of punchy, exhausted giggles when I checked my visitor counter yesterday night and discovered...wait for it...

I have had a visitor from POLAND. A call from the mother ship, if you will.

Jeremiah and I think it has to do with all the Polish references and excitement over our new Polish punk rock group, Rock Satan's Baby (learn about the band name here). Like I said, We will rock. You will love us. Polish peeps included.

In addition, I have now had 2 visits from my Russian friend. Still a PG-13 rating here. Nothing saucy. But you are welcome to come and visit the blog anytime. And lurk. Because that's what people do. They lurk on my blog. So lurk away.

P.S. I have the funniest story about Jeremiah. I just need to convince him that it IS funny. Or maybe he doesn't want you to laugh. If I get permission, be prepared for one funny story. Or several funny stories. Sometimes I just look at him and think, "Oh, boyfriend."

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Diane said...

...and I can't help but wonder what he thinks sometimes. Poor guy :-)