Freeze Frame(s)

So I know that YHL recently did a wall gallery at their house, but I promise you, mine has been a long time in the coming. We actually had a small-scale version at the house we rented. I pulled my inspiration from these two books:
And while this isn't wall/picture/gallery inspired, I've included this photograph of a blue room with yellow, brown, and green accents from Domino as it served as inspiration for my back room. Just a little less stuffy and a bit more casual. And I want that brown pillow.
Okay. So here are some examples we I looked at. The one below is from The Nest. Of course, I could never paint a wall red. I think it looks great, but it simply isn't for me. But we did choose black frames for the project because it was going into the front room, which isn't as whimsical as the back half of the house. We collected frames that we already had and bought more at Goodwill and Salvation Army, where they cost about fifty cents to a dollar. Then we spray painted the ones that weren't black. And by we I mean Jeremiah because I let him do it. He loves it so much I hate to take that away from him. can't spray paint (muffled sob).
The picture below is actually inspiration for our hall upstairs. Jeremiah took an incredible picture and my mom had it enlarged for him as a gift. We'll put smaller pictures around it, just like they did in Domino.
And we smooshed things pretty close together.
It ended up looking like this after Jeremiah got everything up. For now. We plan on spray painting the mail/wall file thing (that I got at Salvation Army) and adding more to the right side of the table.
You can see that we tried to get a variety of frames. I think that the different sizes, textures, etc. really adds to the wall.
We don't have pictures in them yet. Photographs will be black and white and anything else will/can be color. I have a ton of paper that we can use to matte, too.
That is a recent project. More pictures when we get the frames filled. Howsabout you? Any galleries? Black and white photographs versus color?


Anonymous said...

I am just getting ready to redo my photo wall in my scrappin room. I also have black frames...of which I need to buy more. I have color and black and white prints in mine. It just depends on the shot. Your house looks very nice! Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Anonymous said...

Love the look. Dad

Cait @ Hernando House said...

I love that! Great job!

Emily said...

Thanks, Everyone!

Stephanie, it would be great to see you when I come home this summer. Maybe we could work out a time. Good luck on your redo!