I went with Jeremiah and a friend of mine to see Eisley in concert on Wednesday. If you don't know Eisley, you should check them out HERE. It would be silly not to. They are wonderful.

Here's the set list:

My relationship with Eisley started in the fall of 2005. Jeremiah and I had been introduced and we were currently long-distance. We sent each other compilation cds and Marvelous Things (the best Eisley song EVER) was on it. Instant love. With the song. With Jeremiah, it took a bit more time. (kidding, HP.)
So I've waited since then - six years - to see them in concert. Meanwhile, Jeremiah has seen them. Twice. I don't really think that's fair. He got me a t-shirt, but still...
And then we got word that those Duprees (yes, they are a family of like, four hundred) would be here. Well, Scottsdale, but close enough.
And we got there early enough to score awesome parking - both outside the ranch and inside as well. As in, front row. And second row. And there were some annoying chickies nearby, but once the band started, fugetaboutit.
When you are thisclose to the band, you get to see cool things. Like when a Dupree guitar string breaks. Saw it happen.
Seriously cool.
I was a bit bummed because I didn't bring my SLR, so I was trying to manage with the point and shoot. It got the job done, but I've got this, "Awe, man, I totally could have got some fantastic shots" thing going on in my head.
It was a bit funny because the Ranch was separated into kiddie/adult section, and the kiddie section was way more crowded than our side. We searched for people older than us and found one couple. Um, that brought their kids.
There were plenty of people our age. Just not like you might see older folks at, say, Tom Petty. And for suresies there was much less...medicinal smokage going on.
I don't know why this picture is big, but Jeremiah took it. That's my head. Front row. Yessir.
And then as if this wasn't all cool/nerdy enough for you, after the show I got the set list. And a t-shirt. And a poster. And the limited red vinyl.
And we took it all backstage. 'Cause we met the band. And got the poster & vinyl signed. OHMYGOSH!

p.s. I have a video of them singing, but I'm having some technical difficulties.
p.p.s. The tile has been up and I even have pictures.
p.p.p.s. The reason you haven't seen any of this is because I started two of the three last classes I have to take to earn my Masters. I'm busy.


Cait @ Hernando House said...

This reminds me I need to find where all my Eisley songs disappeared to!

Looks like you had fun :)

Emily said...

Glad to hear someone else likes Eisley! Thanks for the comment!