We Don't Need No Education.

Sing with me - "TEACHER! Leave those kids alone!"

Okay. So the last few weeks of school are stressful. There is so much crap that I put off until the last minute that is unimportant to me but I do it because I want my last paycheck of the school year and they won't give it to me if I don't do the unimportant crap a lot of really important tasks to be completed before I pass my wonderful students on to the next teacher. I really am sad to see them leave. It's the rest of the stuff that gets my panties all twisted. 

And then. Because I'm slightly stressed, I want to mention that genius me thought I could pull off two graduate classes while teaching. So that is what I am trying to do. Every.Single.Other.Thing.In.My.Life.Besides.Teaching.And.Grad.School.Has.Come.To.A.Hault

And in the back of my head I hear the lady that I spoke with during registration "This puts you at TWO classes while teaching full time. Do you really want to do this?" That lady needs to shut up. She got her point across.

But back to the screeching hault.

This includes the blog. And the tile is up and EVERYTHING and there all these projects we've got lined up. Including, but not limited to: TWO homemade light creations, kitchen curtain/blinds, beadboard for the island, and that pesky roman blind for the huuuuuuge front window. Oh, yeah. And the staining. I'm staining two coffee tables and two chairs.

And just to add to the stress, I'm sick. Again. Cue the sad music. The other night I irrigated my nose with the Neti-pot and all this STUFF came out and I was all, "Jeremiah, come see this!" and he wouldn't. Sadsies.

At some point I may share with all of you (and some of you already know) more about my disease sickies. And the meds that have lowered my immune system that are necessary to keep the disease sickies from spreading/progressing/causing me agonizing pain. But for now, just know that I am sick and miserable and trying to teach and trying to do two graduate classes.

p.s. In case you don't remember, I almost cut off my finger completing last year's "endoftheyear/mustbecompletedbeforewepayyou" checklist. If you didn't get a chance to read about that dark day when I cried in front of the custodians and said bitch in front of my Mormon teacher next door, you can live out the day HERE HERE HERE I ALMOST LOST A FINGER HERE.

p.p.s. I declare this post open for frustrated rants, comments, tirades, etc. Let it out, people. It isn't good for your skin to keep all that stress bottled up. As Meg Ryan says in French Kiss, "Express, don't repress."

p.p.p.s. I feel better already. I mean, mentally/emotionally. Not physically. That'll take some time. And some serious antibiotics.


Cait @ Hernando House said...

So sorry you're sick again! And taking to classes while working fulltime. Hope things are better (and more relaxing) soon!

I think I sort of exploded my "we're broke yet we demoed a bathroom (which now sports a crack straight to the roach-infested outside and a hole to the roach-infested crawlspace under the house, yet is only sealed from the rest of the house by trash bags) because some idiot who built it didn't know what he was doing" rant all over some person's blog just because they said they were going to replumb using the type of pipe we just ripped out. And did I mention the bugs? And my hatred for (almost) all things smaller than Freckles that crawl?

PS- Is THAT why there are some serious volcanoes on my forhead? Damn.

Emily said...

Ohmygosh. It is nice to see other um, broke people doing house stuff. Not nice that you're broke, but most people seem to have an endless supply of money. Where does that come from?!

And yes, I predict that occasionally ranting will help with the skin. Continue as needed. :)

Cait @ Hernando House said...

I KNOW! Where does the endless money supply come from, and how do I get in on that? Sigh.

Di said...

I have to say that I am totally in the mood to rant! I was thinking that before reading your blog and thought this must be a sign...so here it goes.

I am also at the end of my rope with whiny high schoolers (mostly girls) who think that every little thing is a major injury. I really want to say "hey, you play soccer, of course you're going to get kicked in the shin! and YES it will HURT but you're fine, it's just a bruise."

As I'm also in the midst of planning my very low budget wedding, since I think it's more important to spend money on things besides a super huge extravagant wedding, I have a few things to say about it. First of all, when it says on the invitation: Mr. & Mrs. SoandSo, you are NOT allowed to RSVP Mr. & Mrs. SoandSo and kids! There's a reason I didn't put and family on the invitation. IT'S BECAUSE I DON'T WANT KIDS AT THE RECEPTION!!! Same goes for extra people you THINK should have been invited. I have to draw the line somewhere and I'm sorry it upset you but seriously it's MY wedding. Lately I've been thinking that I might have asked the wrong people to stand up for me in the wedding. The girls that are my bridesmaids all live out of state and aren't able to help me. Now I'm not completely unreasonable, and I understand that it's kind of hard for them to do anything if they aren't even close by. However I've been realizing that none of them have plans to come early, not even a day before the rehearsal dinner to help me. So it's making me feel like I've asked the wrong people and I feel about asking those who are around and able to help me. I guess I'll have to think up some great honor for those friends who really are stepping up to the plate.

Now as I write the above statement I feel like I'm totally turning in to a bridesilla, which really is one of my worst fears...

Emily said...

Suck! First of all, those girls need to suck it up. For reals. I bruise all the time. I consider it a story to share with others. Maybe that's why no one wants to hang around me? Hmm...

Secondly. Big old double suck about the wedding stuff! I'm sorry you are dealing with all.that.crap. You don't sound like Bridezilla at all. Promise. Your bridesmaids should help you out. At least a tiny bit. People should know wedding etiquette. It is NOT okay to add extras to the invite.

Thirdliest, I think it is GREAT that you are going low-buj. I tell Jeremiah all the time that I just want cake and a pretty dress, forget the rest, I would rather travel. And have money for the future. So go you.

Lastlies, please consider this post open for any future vents/rants. And remember let.it.out.