Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Every year an organization in Arizona gives the teachers here the opportunity to see the Diamondbacks for free. F.R.E.E.E.

And not being the type of people to give up free stuff, I reserved my two tickets for Friday night. They were playing the Cubbies, which made it even more special. One year they played the Tigers, and I'm sure you can imagine where I placed my loyalties.

First of all, we drove around a bit. We won't go in to details, but here is US Airways Center, where the Suns play and where I saw the Rockettes at Christmas.

I think my favorite moment is when I first see the field. The teachers are allowed on the field pre-game, but I've done it twice and it isn't worth the swamp ass anymore, even if one ends up on the Jumbotron.
So, in addition to Jumbotroning it as a teacher and when I worked in radio, THERE WAS THIS ONE TIME... a co-worker once gave us prime seats and while I was eating nachos and looking a mess Boyfriend and I were put on the Ol' Big Screen to kiss. I was mortified. Having over 20,000 people seeing me eat and kiss with food in my mouth? No. I didn't do it.

Hold on while I hang my head ashamedly. 

Okay. The moment has passed. Look:
So incredible. All the people. There were 23,400 in attendance on Friday. That's like, an entire city in Michigan. 
I get a bit overwhelmed when we get up to the cheap seats. I have a fear of tripping and falling all the way down. To the field. Irrational, but still. So we didn't sit in our seats. We just found some open that required minimal climbing.
Even this makes me nervous:
And then we thought we'd be mean and text/photo message Jer's friend who is a Cubbies fan. So I took this picture of Jeremiah. I should mention that I had my real camera out because I wanted some quality pictures, but I forgot it. Sigh.

And then after the game...Fireworks. Love. Love. Love.
Everyone else have a good weekend? We've also been pool side now for about two weeks. That makes the unseasonably hot temps much more manageable.

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