Highs (and Lows) of the Week

I'm almost done with my thesis. ALMOST. I'm so excited. I'd like a weekend where I can actually DO things, instead of sitting with piles and piles of research and my laptop. I bet you're excited to not have to listen to me yammer on about it, too...

Anyway, a quick review of the week. Because I need a break.

  1. Jeremiah rode his bike for forty miles. In a row. I told him I probably would have gotten the runs after mile 25. 
  2. Immediately upon returning, Jeremiah came down with something. The man that never gets sick is FINALLY sick. I guess coughing on his toothbrush actually works. Go me.
  3. While readying myself for the day in the bathroom, I noticed that Maddie was chewing on Jeremiah's toothbrush's bristles. And then she carried it (in her mouth) to the floor and batted it around a little. I made a mental note to tell Jeremiah and in my stress, immediately forgot. Then I put the toothbrush back.
  4. (Do you know where this is going?) That night, while Jeremiah is brushing his teeth, I'm all, "I think I wanted to tell you something...but I forget what it was..."
  5. Afterwards, I was all, "Oh, yeah...the cat's been chewing on your toothbrush. I put it back. You're welcome."
  6. I might have remembered earlier but I think I was cranky about something so I let him brush anyway. 
  7. I worked twelve hours yesterday. 
  8. Today I didn't brush my hair AT ALL. I put it in a fashionably messy up-do. This is what happens when you make your teachers work twelve hours.
  9. I got bangs. (That could almost be a really inappropriate sentence.) When I went in for a cut she added bangs for some interest in the front. I'm liking them. 
  10. I'm still playing games with the car people. Jeremiah said I'm good at playing mind games.
  11. Jeremiah's response on number 10 might be the reason for number 6. 
  12. I AM good at games and I LOVE to win, so I'm still looking for cars. And playing games. Last week I got some reams of paper out of the Subaru dealership. I told them teachers buy their own paper at my school (which is true) and they gave me paper.
  13. They did not, however, give me a car. Sadsies.
  14. I've learned that heated seats are a non-negotiable for me. Who knew? I might be spoiled in my fifteen year old car. 
  15. I'm really proud of my students. More details on this later.
 So...review your week. Any highlights? I know that Ohio Emily had a baby! Congratulations!
Wait. Can any of us really top that?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily! We're home now, and doing well :)

Emily said...

Yay! Glad to hear you are well!